The Maw

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by catlady, Dec 5, 2013.

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  1. It is an arcade game on xbox live.
    I have a code to get it for free. I already played it awhile ago.
    Anyone want the code?
  2. I got it for free with another game for renewing my XBL Gold for the first time, played it for 2 mins, haven't touched it since.
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  3. I got it awhile back when it was new. I enjoyed it but it is a kid style game. Reminds me of a mix of Mario 64 and Banjo & Kazooie.
  4. Nothing beats Mario 64 :tough:

    Yes I have played it.
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  5. Is it online?
  6. Was hoping this would be for the final level in Halo: Combat Evolved :sad:
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  7. I'll take the code? My little brother enjoys those kinds of games
  8. I'll PM you the code
  9. Isn't the Maw a section in space surrounded by black holes in the Star Wars universe? :hmm:
  10. It's where they built all their secret weapons.
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  11. The Maw.....
    I've been meaning to try this out....Seems like a.....Interesting Game....
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