News The McMahon family angle.

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  2. Mania main event huh? So we have Taker vs Cena, Brock vs Rock, Punk as RR winner... Too many main events, and they want another one? Maybe Vince makes HHH put his career in the line.. and he retires at WM
  3. Who will be the wrestlers involved? Vince / HHH surely isn't happening.
  4. too many main events sounds like a good problem to have.
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  5. Triple H vs Vince's exploding limo
  6. Well, not going to be pessimistic, who knows. This may be entertaining and may help a young talent if one gets involved.
  7. If it retires HHH and VKM after WM it will be golden.

    Plus if there is even a slight chance of Shane O Mac making an appearence its even more golden.
  8. Was just thinking about this. Lockard's idea's for the best. He said Vince's old-school corporate champ Cena vs HHH adapting to the modern era who see more in Bryan. Could be one hell of an angle and we would love the hell out of it (since the only way to do it is to have Bryan go over) but no way WWE actually does it. Hope I'm wrong on that one.

    Another idea was a tag match between HHH and Steph vs Vince and AJ. Lets not do that.

    Do they want it to be a title match or not? They could just do a stand-alone "Control of the Company" match, a triple-threat between three handpicked guys, from what we've seen so far it could be Vince's Ambrose, Stephanie's Ziggler, and Triple's Sheamus, hope Triple picks someone else but that would be one hell of an endorsement.

    If the focus ends up being on some young stars then this could be really good.
  9. That first idea is absolutely awesome.
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