The McMahon feud looks to be the summer story

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  1. There was a report this week claiming it's going to continue past Payback, so we could be in for a long summer. Is there anyone here particularly interested in this story? I know the McMahons being back and involved in a big story is there attempt to save the ratings and stuff, but this story has to benefit younger talent. Triple H doesn't need yet more spotlight and more moments to be more over, it's simply not needed. I suppose they could involve Heyman and Axel, but I'm unsure how that works.

    What do you think they should do?
  2. The most likely young talent to benefit from this story is Axel I guess. Since it will likely consist of Triple H trying to get his win back from him and Vince and Steph and probably others from Hunter's history getting involved/in the way. Which would make Axel out to be the grand price at the end of the rope.

    But that is only a possibility I guess. Hunter could just as well run through Axel tomorrow night and the story just becomes Triple H going out in a blaze of glory. Taking half the roster with him in the process.
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  3. CM Punk vs the Mcmahons would be tight when he comes back, he can just rip on the WWE the entire time. I'd love that.
  4. I really don't care about HHH and the PG version of Vince. Go away.

    If Punk and Lesnar feud Heyman could be part of both big feuds :fap:, that's nice. Maybe Axel will be involved with the McMahons, but is there any way he gets anything from this? I can't see it with HHH involved. We don't even know if he's worth the push yet, he doesn't seem to be getting over (not his fault but still)
  5. I like HHH (duh) but he shouldn't have the big spotlight in the summer story. He (and Vince, for that matter) should play a side role in a story that puts over young talent.
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  6. Agree with Leo C, I really think the summer story should be focused around guys that will be wrestling every day for the next 5 years.
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  7. It's a travesty if Shield have no involvement in it. Push them to the top, don't stop now WWE. For a split-up feud to work, which means all involved getting over, they need to be at the top first. Otherwise, you're splitting up a group that predominantly beat the same teams up over and over again. They're mentioned as the best trio of all time, book it that way.
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  8. The whole angle isn't going to just be Triple H and the McMahons. Vince isn't getting back in the ring and without any sort of match that is built up to for a PPV, there's not much of an angle. Axel and Heyman have to be apart of it, and not just a minor part, keeping in mind that they clearly want to push Axel and he is liked by Triple H backstage.

    On top of that, we get CM Punk's face turn and a probable Punk/Brock feud (although Punk may not be back full time till around the end of summer/beginning of fall, depending on how this angle plays out), Daniel Bryan's struggle to fight his way to the top and earn the respect of everyone, The Shield's continued dominance (don't forget Undertaker possibly wants to work a match for Summerslam), etc. There's plenty of good to look forward to.
  9. Got a source on Taker? I'm all for Shield having a Taker angle. I haven't once complained about the summer here, I'm just saying if this feud is to become top priority, then I would want something relatively exciting to actually happen involving it. Not just another story where HHH comes out of top and buries everyone in sight.
  10. Vince should keep putting over young talent like Axel, I'd be interested in the storyline I suppose.

    The rumor (that I remember being discussed here) is the Brothers Of Destruction versus The Shield. At the time, most were dismissive of it simply because the two of them with Bryan as a partner couldn't even take The Shield out on Raw, what good can two out of three of them do? But then, the same can be said about Bryan losing to them two or three times before making a comeback and fighting them off on Smackdown and nearly leading his team to victory against them on Raw last week. No one has complained about that, quite the opposite.

    With Bryan branching out on his own and kinda just leaving Kane there to do nothing (especially with talks that Bryan is entering the WWE Title picture as early as July), this would make sense. What do The Shield have to do for Summerslam anyway? I know it's two months away but a teased feud with HHH doesn't seem to be happening anymore, he's busy with Axel and his family trying to talk him into never wrestling again. Them planning a takeover by bringing in the gold has already happened at ER. What else? A feud with Kane and Taker doesn't seem too improbable.

    I know some would say them having mid card titles implies mid card/upper mid card feuds but not really. I can see them carrying around the gold as a sign of their stature in the company while simultaneously feuding with guys who want nothing to do with the titles but just want to take them apart and destroy them.
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  12. Saw the source was Wrestlezone, and my boner drastically reduced in size.

    I'm all for BoD vs Shield though, and I agree that it's not that improbable tbh.
  13. Their*


    and fuck this storyline. Go away HHH. Go away Vince. Steph... you can stay.
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  14. Can't remember your really good reply to that the other day. Damn.

  15. Shield seem to be somewhat sputtering since winning gold, which tends to happen with most guys that win any belt that's not the WWE TItle. Sad really, hope WWE finds them something worthwhile to do soon.
  16. Axel is defiantly involved in the summer story since they're trying to push him, although he's not over yet. I can see them continuing with this Axel and Triple H angle, but I want The Shield to have some sort of involvement within the summer story. If I was the WWE, I'd push them to the moon since they're just a really great heel dominant group, make them the main focus point of the summer angle.
  17. Beats AJ being the focus last year I suppose.
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  18. as long as I get to see Steph everytime, it's fine with me.
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  19. Six in one hand, half a dozen in the other.
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