The Meat Fanclub

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by CM Punk, Jan 22, 2014.

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  1. Who is a fan of meat? I love meat.

    Meat. Meat. Meat.

    When I eat meat, I feel power. When I eat vegetables, I feel like a pussy.

    Meat. Meat. Meat.

    Name your favourite meats ITT and if you're a fan of meat, join the fanclub.

    Just ate some steak. Mmm, steak. Post some pics of meat.


    - CM Punk
    - Grams and Ounces
    - Pratchett
    - Trip in the Head
    - Stopspot
    - Slim Shady
    - TheArabHammer
    - Friemasterflex
    - Shadow
    - Nickelodeon ​
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  2. I have found a butchers near me that sells cooked meats, its so cheap i can justify the bus fare there, there is one in walking distance which is really nice but the other blows it out of the water. I got a breakfast from there which included an amazing sausage which i presume was german by the length and girth of it, yeah i know that's what she said, for less than a cake in my local butchers. And they sell all their leftovers even cheaper after 3pm.

    Anyway on topic, i like meat, and i will eat your meat. unless you are gohan or bllfl.
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  3. Awesome story. Can I add you to the fanclub?
  4. Hell yeah
  5. Yeah, but i may be expelled, i had two years or so of being vegetarian. :upset:

    Since then though my blood-lust mad man has taken over and i will eat anything that lives, or lived rather.
  6. Meat is delicious. A properly cooked steak (aka not well done), tender chicken or turkey.

    Need I say more? Only if you ask nicely... :ksi:
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  7. I love meat so much my intial character trait in the IWT was a buthcer who had an obsession with meat. I like my steak medium and juicy. I make the bomb cheesburges (put the cheese INSIDE the meat, its great!). I could go on forever. So yeah, add me.

    Anyone else ever had deer heart? Its tender as hell.
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  8. Meat is happiness meat is life
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  9. Add me in, hmmmmmmmmm meat
  10. Would anyone like to taste my meat?
  11. ^Somebody was bound to do it
  12. I had meatloaf for dinner last night. 'Twas a bastard amalgamation for certain, but NONETHELESS meat.

    And naught else did touch my lips.
  13. Is it tender?
  14. lol you all like meat in your mouth :cole:
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  15. My favourite meat: [​IMG]

    But srsly, I'm quite the meat fan, honestly I think I eat to much sometimes, but, then I think, THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS "too much meat".
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  16. Depends. How much is too much? I only have some at dinner. At rare occasions, maybe twice a day.
  17. Usually leftovers for lunch and then dinner (supper, whatever you call it)
  18. Came in thinking it was a Shawn Stasiak appreciation thread :okay:
  19. Well at least Oval got a pic up for you then. That is Stasiak isn't it?
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