Hell in a Cell The Melbourne Factor

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Solid Snake, Aug 29, 2018.

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    The PPV special for Australia that is happening in Melbourne, "Super Show-Down", is happening on October 6th.
    A few things have been mentioned such as which wrestlers will be attending and what fans can expect.
    Yet one thing may have slipped. AJ Style's is mentioned appearing as the WWE Champ.

    Knowing this, it would appear that Samoa Joe is going to lose at Hell in a Cell which find of makes the match not as exciting.
    Not only is AJ listed as the Champ, but he will once again be facing off with Samoa Joe.

    The storyline in general takes a hit from this as well. We know it will still be going on in October.

    Does this change how you will be viewing AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe at Hell in a Cell?
  2. Could also be a transitional championship change.
  3. How so?
  4. I still can't believe they are holding this event at the Melbourne
    Cricket Ground...Good luck filling that WWE.

    I mean maybe in the Attitude Era when Australia cared about
    wrestling...but now? I will be extremely shocked if its filled to

    Its just another glorified house show like the Greatest Royal
    Rumble where the matches will have no long term effect on
    any feuds & will most likely be recycled matches from
    SummerSlam & Hell in a Cell.

    Although...it would be cool if Becky & Charlotte had a match
    & Becky won the title in Australia.

    I would like to think Peyton & Billie will be on card...but who

    I hope we get Emma/Tenille Dashwood chants during the night.

    Oh...& No...I'm not attending...and I wouldn't even if I lived
    in Melbourne & could afford it.


    Because I'm not giving the WWE any of my money anymore.

  5. Joe wins and AJ wins it back. :emoji_slight_smile:
  6. Oh like before the event even happens? Isn't that overkill though?
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  8. What Redboy said.

    Also since I forgot to talk about it in the post show thread, one reason why I hate the Melbourne show is the HHH/Undertaker match. It is taking time on RAW since last week to "build" up the match - HHH promo last week, recaps and old white dude video promos this week, and Shawn Michaels next week. The fact of the matter is this match does not need a real "build". A 3 part story thing like they did with the Bryan/Miz feud on Smackdown would be sufficient.
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  10. I think the fact that it isn't a HIAC match already makes it less exciting. This would make much more sense and be a much better match than Orton vs Hardy. As for the "spoiler"... I think they generally just advertise whoever the current champ is, regardless of whether they're slated to lose it by then or not. They've been running house shows forever now, and especially in the internet era, they've been pretty decent about not spoiling championship match results in this manner
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  11. It could always be the case that Joe wins at HiaC and the Melbourne show ends up becoming AJ's contractually obligated rematch. Same match-up, except the title is just on the other guy's shoulder
  12. This show gonna be good compared to the Saudi show for one reason. Women can wrestle.
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