The Men in Tights Review

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  1. Hi there guys, I hope you might get a kick out of this. A new web show I've created in which I take a satirical look back on classic wrestling PPVs from the last 30 years. More than just a guy spouting his opinions into a webcam it includes clips, skits and various media montages designed to educate and entertain. The first show I'm tackling is Wrestlemania 7. Part 1 can be found here...

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  2. Oh god, you sir are a legend.

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  3. "Bumbags" ftw. Nice vid :emoji_slight_smile:. Liked.
  4. :obama: Awesome video man.
  5. Hey thanks very much guys, i'm really pleased you approve! I was getting a little tired of the "teh audio levels sux!" comments, great to get some positive feed back. Part 2 is also up if you haven't seen it yet. Feel free to subscribe and join the facebook group to keep up to date with all the releases.


    Legion, everyone should channel their inner Warrior every now and then, I think you should see him making an appearence around episode 5 and Crayo I forgot that mabye I should alter a few terms for the international audience Fanny Packs FTW!
  6. It's here, Part 3 of The Men in Tights Wrestlemania 7 review where in I ponder which carbonated beverage was the preferred choice of the roster, what mode of transportation was most practical for navigating a locker room of the 80's and why Bret Hart is the greatest thing since an egg white omlette.
  7. This deserves some more exposure I think, I really enjoy watching those, looking forward to the next video.
  8. Thanks Leo C, just for that you get another video!

    BOOM! Hitting you in the face like a blast from an atomiser it's The Men in Tights Review of Wrestlemania 7 Part 4!

    What single match could warrant an entire episode? Well of course it has to be Wrestlemanias first ever blind fold match.
    In this review i pick apart in ins and outs and individual elements that make up one of the most unique Wrestlemania matches of all time.
    I also take a look at how much time Rick Martel would be facing for assault and battery, who's promos are bug nuts insane and what the WWF has in common with Wacky races.

    I also couldn't agree more that I need greater exposure, I mean c'mon not even 300 views of the first vid yet? As C M Punk would say "That is unacceptable!" Please like and share these vids anywhere you can, join the facebook page, post in your time line, pimp on other forums and run out into the street and spread the cult of the critic! Or failing that if you could at least click 'Like' on the youtubr link I would be extremely grateful :emoji_slight_smile:

  9. Hi Guys

    Taking longer to get released than Armando Estrada it's part 5 of the Arm Bar Critics Wrestlemania 7 review where we find out how long Ric Flair's been crazy, how far Sensational Sherri is willing to go to secure a title match and what I used to do in front of my bathroom mirror as a teenager.
  10. Another great edition.
  11. This might be at the same time both the best and stupidest Arm Bar Critic video produced thus far. (The bar is pretty high in both regards)

    Taking a break from the Wrestlemania 7 review I present a stand alone sketch featuring everyones favourite mono-toned viper Randy Orton which harkens back to some of the miss chief the young Legend Killer would get himself into early in his career with a little piece I call "The RK-Odd Father"
  12. Looking forward to the next part of these. Very entertaining reviews. Big ups.
  13. Pretty good. :lol1:
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