The Menagerie

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  1. Can anyone fill me in on who they are other than Knux and Rebel?
  2. From what I understand the big guy is Rob Terry.
  3. Leo is right. Crazy Steve is an indy wrestler from Canada.

    The two random dudes on stilts are just two random dudes on stilts.
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  4. Lol :emoji_slight_smile: I hear it's still up in the air on if they are wrestlers or not.
  5. The carnival’s prodigal son returned home.

    After years of chasing his dream of professional wrestling (and a chaos-filled journey with Aces and Eights), Knux returned home to see the lives of his family in shambles. A flood destroyed the carnival owned by his family, leaving everyone in shambles, and Knux vows to help his family get back on their feet.

    Joining Knux on his mission are the beautiful, fire-twirling Rebel, who informed Knux of his family’s woes, a psychotic clown known as Crazzy Steve and The Freak, a massive physical specimen known for feats of strength.

    The foursome made a splash on May 8’s IMPACT, not only picking up a win in Knux’s first match back, but also through the ballyhoo of their entrance, complete with fire, confetti and stilt walkers.

    The Menagerie is primed to be TNA’s biggest spectacle!


    So, a carnival/circus kinda stable of Mike Knux, Rob Terry, Rebel, Crazzy Steve and two dudes on stilts.
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  6. Mike Knox and Rob Terry could be future champions. Rob Terry has ALREADY been a champion in TNA. So they're not too bad.

    Crazy Steve, however...

    That's another story.

    After watching Impact Wrestling and his "match" with Kazarian... if I was the owner or booker, here's what I would do, if someone came up to me with that idea.

    1. I'd fire them.
    2. I'd fire anyone who followed the idea.
    3. I destroy any and all evidence that is was produced.
    4. I swear any and all people who knew about it to secrecy under penalty of death, if they revealed to anyone that that was suggested.

    It... was.. that... bad.
  7. I'm annoyed by this stable now. It could be good, if they do more wrestling and less shitting on us watching at home. They need tag teams, and this is what they give us? :aries:
  8. This stable is starting to get bad already, I mean Jesus.
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  9. Yeah just watched last weeks Impact and the whole section/match with them was just pointless.
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  10. Totally not sure why this is being thrown into the promotion at the moment when it's already oh so weak..
    :/ I guess I'll see in the taping tonight.. finally will be able to watch it during first airing lol the last month I've had to wait a few days.
  11. I mean fuck me, what did I expect from this stable? It consist of fucking Mike Knux, Rob Terry and two indy fucks featuring two dudes on stilts.

    How can it be anything but solid at best?
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