The MikeDAWT tribute thread

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Rysenberg, Sep 15, 2012.

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  1. Please, post your favourite Mike. posts and moments ITT.
  2. Lets not.
  3. When he came back for a few days, right before the lockerroom changed and added rules.
  4. when I got rid of him. :tough:
  5. I never met this person. :alone:
  6. ^this is the guy people are supposed to vote for MotM. Gimmick haters love your gimmick LackEy.
  7. What's my gimmick, I don't even know what my gimmick is? AIDZ :dawg:
  8. Being gimmickless is your gimmick.
  9. This is the best gimmick then I presume. :obama:
  10. Or the worst, is there a gimmick if one remains without a gimmick?
  11. Yeah I forgot we're supposed to vote for MOTM winners by if they know Mikedawt or not.

    I've known mikedawt longer than any of you noobs, so I'm expecting every vote in MOTM thanks.
  12. You now have my vote.
  13. He's actually a really nice and cool guy. Ive Tinychatted with him a couple times
  14. I remember this :dawg:
  15. hi
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