The milestone thread

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Samalan, Sep 26, 2012.

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  1. If you have a milestone you would like to share, just post it in this topic. Forum related OR real life related.

    I reached 3k posts, woo.
  2. I'm going to become a Father! *sarcasm
  3. My milestone was 10,000 about 2 week ago, but ever since then I wanted to become a more high quality user and not to spam as much, so far I think I've recently started succeeding.
  4. I got back to 20 rep after aidsjohnson removed his positive rating and gave me like ten negative. Back ro the 20s :-)
  5. I managed to conquer erectile dysfunction today and finally get a chubby :yay:

    Me > Pele
  6. I actually laughed at a sex scene!
  7. I made my train today. I also saw a crazy person yell that the government was going to kill everyone on the eventful day to say the least
  8. Today I got 92% on my History test that I literally studied for 15 minutes.
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  9. Wow, congratulations!
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  10. Why thank you! :dawg:
  11. I bought a wardrobe today.
  12. Stickied. We needed this thread ages ago.
  13. I love it when rhat happens. Epic winfor you man
  14. Pics or it didn't happen. :dawg:
  15. I would but it's still in the box.


    Fuck you craydick
  16. I'm nearly at 1000...

    Feels like a shit load more :Smug:
  17. Almost 2/3rds to getting my BITW before other users. My ban might have had a huge effect on it, but plan on seeing too much reasoning on why Aids > you to not give me the award im deserving of. Thanksgiving 2012, AIDS FTW.
  18. You're nearly there, a little more hard work and I'm sure you'll get it.
  19. My 18th on Friday, should be pretty cool.
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  20. 5000 Posts Bitch! :win:
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