Kayfabe The Milk is out

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    *After a condom commercial, the show is back on air, while a familiar theme song comes on*

    *The fans were on their feet, one of the fans literally had a heart attack while some other fan just took off her top and her bra off for the King of Milkamania, Randy Borton!

    Borton came out from backstage, looking happy to be here again as he wasn't wrestling for a month to 2 months. Borton high fiving all of his fans in the front row before he gets a mic and gets in the ring.

    The crowd were chanting "Borton" over and over again, going on for 2 minutes, then the crowd dies down as Borton raises his mic up near to his mouth*

    Borton: I'm retiring, bye.

    *Borton drops his mic and exits the ring and fast walks back to backstage as the crowd is just stunned and confused of what just happened*
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