The MITB briefcases are the real mid card titles.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Senhor Perfect, Aug 13, 2013.

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  1. Hear me out. In the days of yore, titles like the IC and US championship were used to groom the next main event star and eventual challenger to the current world champion. We saw it time and time again with guys like Hart, HBK, Rock, Austin, etc in WWE and to a lesser extent in WCW, the most glaring example being Goldberg. As we all know during the past decade, give or take a few years, those titles haven't meant much of anything. Being an IC fanboy, this has had me fuming for years. However, it's painfully obvious that the MITB briefcase holders are the real mid card champions. All the of winners of the case (exc. Cena) have cashed in to win their respective World titles. They're usually featured in feuds in which they have to defend their case like a title. Finally, for the most part, they become main eventers afterwards. I think this might explain why the actual mid card titles are ignored for the most part. If this is the case, they should just retire the IC and US belts and move on.
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  2. Agreed.

    The US belt needs to be retired, but the IC title still has some prestige and could be salvaged.
  3. I half agree with this but i think they unify the world titles and drop the US title that way the IC title would gain prestige again as the upper midcard title people win before they become heavyweight champion.
  4. Yeah, it's true. The role that used to be done by the belts is now done by the briefcase.

  5. I agree with you.

    But briefcases have an expiration date... and the 'E' would need to figure a way guys could compete for the briefcase in a way that makes sense to people watching for the first time

    SImply carrying a briefcase doesn't convince a 1st time viewer that it has any value.... like I said I gave your post a like because your premise is on point
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