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  1. I didn't watch at this point. Why did he get pushed so much? Was he over at all with fans?
  2. I didn't get it either. but when he did have the WWE championship, he was really great. I personally liked him as champion.
  3. Miz was set to be the top heel at the time if I remember correctly.
  4. Punk was the best Heel at that time (New Nexus) but didnt get the Main Event match against Cena, jobbed to Orton instead (WM27)... that's why Punk was about to leave after MITB (2011).... and the rest was Pipebombed
  5. No idea why he was pushed. Tied for Worst champion of the last 20 years with Khali.
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  6. No one will fucking know, what a stupid decision Miz as champion.
  7. He was pushed because WWE know what we want better than we do even when crowd reactions are directly in the contrary.
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  8. I enjoyed The Miz's work a lot better when he was a heel and I don't mind admitting that I was somewhat entertained by his short little reign as champion in late 2010/early 2011. He was good at drawing heat and looked like a legitimate top level heel in my eyes. I even thought they should have kept the strap on him past Extreme Rules and only had him drop it the next month at Over The Limit (where he ended up losing to Cena again anyway) but I digress.

    Of course, Punk was still the superior heel at the time and deserved to main event Wrestlemania 27 against Cena more than The Miz did (especially knowing what we know now about just how much chemistry Cena and Punk shared with one another.) But that's beside the point.
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  9. He was drawing heat and was a solid draw. His mic segments were enjoyable with an organic build, Mix gets shit on but he looked like a star at the time.
  10. He was the best heel at the time and they pushed him deservingly.
  11. @Crayo I need you bro Miz marks unite.
  12. Screw the haters. I agree that perhaps he was rushed into the main event too soon, or perhaps shouldn't be a main eventer at all, but some people go way too far with how bad he supposedly is. Sure, he wasn't the best of ring workers at the time, but there has been many WWE champions who have been far worse. His mic skills at the time as a heel were top-tier; one of the best talkers in the company. He produced some gold segments as a mid carder and as a main eventer on the mic.

    He's also a company boy who does media better than all the rest, so I can see why WWE wanted to make a star out of him. People hate sometimes for the sake of hating because Miz does have a pretty annoying face, but he's a heel who can get guaranteed heat because of that.
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  13. Worst thing about the Miz was how fast they dropped him. He wasn't greatly suited to be a champion or maineventer, but they should've stuck with it. Instead they dropped him and made his entire push a waste of time.
  14. That last sentence was directed solely at me :lol1:
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  15. When he came out dressed like the Rock, I thought it really was the rock lol. I'll never forget that.
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