The Miz Being Blamed for Survivor Series Buyrate

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    Has to be bullcrap because Miz draws in viewers pretty much every segment he's in as he's a big star. I can't see them blaming Miz & not Truth who's been like another superman recently.
  2. This is quite comical to be honest. Miz gets the blame because wrestling is in a down period. Plus with the shite build they gave the match.
  3. How can you blame The Miz for a poor purchase rate at Survivor Series? That's just plain bullshit.
  4. Nothin to do with the fact everyones skint at the min?

    seriously food vs wwe id rather eat thanks!

  5. It's a cop out.

    The only difference between the Mania main event and the Survivor Series main event is R-Truth

    I can't stand Miz, but to blame him doesn't make much sense, unless someone higher up doesn't like him
  6. Vince & Cena are known big fans of Miz, so I'm presuming the latter isn't the case unless something changed dramatically.

    Even people who don't like the Miz can admit the guy draws because of his media talent. The match itself was given crap build as seabs said. They return from suspension and get buried by Cena for a couple of weeks. The match wasn't booked as Rock and Cena vs a formidable tag-team, it was "Can Cena and Rock get along?" Not many people are going to buy into that.
  7. you could have had virtually anyone else vs rock an cena an noe would care whoever was a shit bookin an no one cared!
  8. Even though I'm not a fan of the Miz blaming him for low ratings is wrong, unless he did a Katie Vick thing or something!
  9. Lol, this is hilarious. I believe the report is false, but if true - then WWE is really driven by major dumbasses.
  10. I hope the report is about as accurate as most dirt sheet reports (not at all) because that's just BS if true.

    Maybe people don't care to see Rock/Cena team up in a cheesy, meaningless tag match? The build for the PPV wasn't exactly stellar
  11. This. Btw, your sig is epic.
  12. Yeah, but look at the way the Miz has been booked, he couldn't be taken seriously as champion. Cowardly champions don't work in the 2010's. He never was established as a real champion, and won all his title matches against legitimate opponents due to interference. Very weak. Since then, he wasn't in any really important feuds, was buried at Over the Limit, and only had 1 PPV win altogether (thanks to Kevin Nash). And WWE wonders why he wasn't a quality opponent for the likes of Rock and Cena when you booked him like this? Why would you book anyone like this?

    Raw has no main-event quality heels, so why would you take someone who has the potential to be and bury him in favor of R-Truth, who now has nowhere to move up to because you have no other heels on your show?
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  13. Your first post just got you a rep, and a like. Congrats :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.

    Completely agree with everything you've said. Miz plays the cowardly heel to perfection yes, his mic skills are incredible yes, but his booking was beyond the generic coward-heel. He was booked to beat Jerry Fucking Lawler because of Michael Cole. Miz is so charismatic, I'd loved to have seen him have a gimmick like Eddie Guerrero's. Cheat but in genius ways.

    I hope they don't drop the ball completely on Miz, I know Vince is a fan of his because of his amazing media-work, he could generally be like The Rock if he was booked properly. His mic skills I believe are that good.
  14. Thank you. *takes bow*

    Just because of who he is, he can get heat. The internet dislikes the former reality star coming into WWE, he's not as attractive than most babyfaces so the ladies won't like him as much, and his mic skills and aggressiveness can get heat from the kids and casual fans. All he needs is to be booked in a way that can get the fans to believe in him as a viable contender.

    An Eddie Guerrero-type heel may actually work in today's WWE, but there's no real reason to believe the current Raw creative team is capable of booking someone like that. Rock? He's not quite THAT good, but he is, indeed the most charismatic and "must-see" superstar in the WWE today.
  15. The Miz is awesome, WWE Officials need to suck dick.

    Obviously the buyrate is going to suck when you have the lamest traditional five on five match in years and do not put Zack Ryder in a match at his home town. But also you need to actually book better and build the feud better more than have Rock appear for one night so he can put Boots to Asses. And if they made Miz n Truth actually attack the Rock and Cena that night it would put a lot of people wanting to see what will happen.
  16. Didn't necessarily mean be that good and become a mega-face and company-carrier, but I see massive relations between the two. Miz I think is the closest to Rock's mic skills/charisma on the whole roster next to Cena.

    Miz should be given more freedom on the mic instead of the boasting gimmick, he puts people to shame most of the time.
  17. But he already had gotten so much mic time so its pointless. No one wants to see him if he's not actually being relevant.
  18. He gets louder reactions than most when he's in the worst feud in WWE, that's how good Miz is :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:. I like him having mic time, it's the only time he can keep himself in the game. I just wish he got to say what he wants, had the same freedom as Punk and was an interesting feud.
  19. Michael Cole is actually good on the mic.

    Miz is actually good on the mic. This is the problem

    The Miz would make a great announcer someday. Again... a problem

    Can you kick his a**... maybe. That's the problem, right there
  20. Don't need to be massively built up to be a star though. Mic skills and average wrestling ability and you're there.