The Miz Gets a Negative Reaction

Discussion in 'RAW' started by CM Punk, Jan 15, 2013.

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  1. Senhor must have been in that crowd. :pity1:
  2. RE: The Miz Get's a Negative Reaction

    Well that crowd had to do something right I guess.
  3. The Miz Get's a Negative Reaction

    They turned him face way too suddenly. Miz as a heel was constantly hated, even when he was doing nothing. He was annoying, he got under your skin. A sudden face turn doesn't result in everyone changing their opinion. He's still the annoying Miz, he's just annoying to heels now instead - how creative.
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  4. The Miz Get's a Negative Reaction

    I like that he has retained a lot of his characteristics from his heel persona. They also said that they wanted his face turn to be natural and organic over time but they need to put him in a feud and let him do something. They wont start cheering him unless he gets to do something. Hopefully his feud with Cesaro will get him started.
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  5. RE: The Miz Get's a Negative Reaction

    WHO TOLD.....I mean....Good for them, fuck the Miz :finger:
  6. RE: The Miz Get's a Negative Reaction

    The Miz is currently working as a great face in my opinion. I don't understand the constant hate on the guy.
  7. The Miz Get's a Negative Reaction

    I like The Miz, as a face or as a Heel I truly like his skills.

    I just don't get the hate he gets, he is great on the mic & in the ring and his feud with Antonio will surely be an awesome feud.
  8. The Miz Get's a Negative Reaction

    Face turn worked for Del Rio, but it's not working for Miz because he's annoying either way. If you really break down his segments, they are just unfulfilling. I would know, i have to watch them twice. However I thought Miz doing the figure four was good symbolism for passing the torch, I just don't think that torch should have passed on to Miz although they do have some similarity, but not much, almost non-existant in fact.
  9. The Miz Get's a Negative Reaction

    I just thinks he needs something to do to actually solidify the face turn and get it going. ADR was turned and thrown right into action. Miz just kind of started doing MizTV's. Hopefully his feud with Antonio will help him.
  10. RE: The Miz Get's a Negative Reaction

    Feuding with Miz might turn Cesaro face. :jeritroll:
  11. The Miz Get's a Negative Reaction

    Sorry for the oncoming rant but How? You speak as if Miz is universally hated. Which he is not? He gets good crowd reactions from fans despite what the haters seem to think. He is respected backstage and one of the most hardworking wrestlers in the company. It seems like the only people hating on him hold on to this antiquated belief that people from an outside medium should not get involved in wrestling, which is just asinine.

    Miz is a wrestling success story. He came into a business that by all preset expectations would have chewed him up and spit him out and became a success. He went through some of the roughest hazing backstage and came out of it hardened and respected. He works one of the WWE toughest schedules considering all the media work he does and doesn't complain, in fact he asks for more. He knows how to work a crowd and how to work the microphone like few people can. He has kept improving as a wrestling technician throughout 2012 and into 2013 and doesn't seem to hesitate at getting in ring with anyone. He's become a six year + veteran of the business. He's a proven draw since his main event feud leading up to VM27 drew very well, even in segments without Cena.

    The fact that people need to throw out excuses like "he's annoying" and "he's ugly" speaks to me about how they don't have anything solid to complain about with the Miz and thus have to search for childish excuses to hate because "hating the guy from reality TV is cool". He's honest to god neither annoying unless he wants to or ugly in my honest opinion. If people were hating on the Miz's character I would understand but people seem to legit hate on Mike Mizanin for making it in a business, going from average Joe to world star in front of people's eyes and thus causing a jealous reaction. I see no reasons in hating on the Miz. In fact I commend him. He is one of the biggest success stories in wrestling outside of kayfabe.

    This is not directed at you. I am just fed up with people shitting on a hardworking guy who's earned his due respect and I see a lot of myself in ( I see a lot of myself in Miz's personal backstory of being bullied and such) and thus I felt like speaking up. Miz is what I want to achieve and become, a success.
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  12. RE: The Miz Get's a Negative Reaction

    Dude, relax, I'm just trolling. It's my thing to hate on Miz.
  13. The Miz Get's a Negative Reaction

    As I said, it was not directed at you, but at the Miz hate in general. Which I see as unfounded.
  14. RE: The Miz Get's a Negative Reaction

    He's an easy target because he was on reality TV and has a very punchable face. :otunga:
  15. The Miz Get's a Negative Reaction

    :facepalm: How does he look punchable?
  16. The Miz Get's a Negative Reaction

    Adding onto the post above me by Stopspot, it's about time that you guys give it a break. This is why the WWE doesn't listen to the fans as if it was up to you guys you'd have the whole roster of CM Punk's because you're just ridiculous marks. If you forgot the WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment which means it's a show for you to enjoy. The Miz got Maryse as his woman, you guys wouldn't have half the ability to pull someone even half decent as her. He's established himself into a main-eventer, he's got the ability to use the mic, the ability to make the crowd interested and he's certainly got the ability to wrestle.

    I remember on the build up-to WrestleMania 27 people where loving him and cheered for him. It's now that the same people are deciding to rip him with anything they can find. I totally understand WWE for not listening to you guys, better that, I actually support their actions by not listening to you guys.
  17. RE: The Miz Get's a Negative Reaction

    The Miss sucks
  18. RE: The Miz Get's a Negative Reaction

    If I had half the money Miz has then yes, I would.
  19. RE: The Miz Get's a Negative Reaction

    I always lol @ "he has a hot GF & you could never!!!"

    What fantasy world so you live in?
  20. RE: The Miz Get's a Negative Reaction

    I don't get this at all. What has Miz done that means I should respect him more than other people? If I was in WWE of course I'd work my ass off to get better, I imagine pretty much everybody in the company does. As for not having a legitimate reason to dislike him - I do - he sucks at pretty much everything apart from his mic work, which is distinctly average and grossly overrated by many.
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