The Miz goes berserk after losing to CM Punk on Raw

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    Poor Miz. :sad:
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    That was horrible, all he did was kick shit. Why didn't he speak at all? Still predicting a face turn tbh, Miz could be the breakout of the summer.
  3. The Miz is awesome he don't deserve this bullshiiiiiiet.
  4. IKR. Putting him on a match against the WWE champion? obvious victory from Cm Punk. The way Johnny put Miz in the match saying he doesn't have the chance sounds like Miz is gonna turn face soon.
  5. Yeah I'm telling you guys Miz was pretty over as a heel once he turns face he will be a top babyface everybody would love him. Just look at his path to success. Did it all on his own and never gave up.
  6. As stupid as it sounds a double turn with Punk may be possible some time in the summer. Think back to Survivor Series '98 The Rock was on fire a babyface and ended up as the corporate champion as Mankind turned in the opposite direction. I'm not saying it will happen but they've done it before and Punk's been on top for the majority of Johnny's reign as Raw GM. Sure there were a few attempts to screw him but he counted the pin at the RR, amongst other things. Maybe I'm just being a mark and I want to see the suit wearing sell out Punk.
  7. i really do not like the miz but this is bull shit putting him in a match with the wwe champion is total bullshit.
  8. All of the matches on yesterday's RAW had obvious winners.
  9. I really thought Santino was going to win ......................... Not :troll: Santino Best wrestler alive ................... True :emoji_wink:
  10. I thought he'd win if it wasn't a handicap match.
  11. i guess ace dosent like him :9
  12. In my opinion it's good he didn't speak. Those backstage segments (on YouTube) are meant to be "hidden cameras", Miz speaking to himself would be a bit of overkill. Plus, it sold his "whiny baby tantrum weak ass mofo" gimmick well. I'm a huge Miz mark as most people know ([email protected] Savage) and I'm all for a face turn, but if he's given some crummy ass non-unique gimmick then it's a disaster waiting to happen.
  13. Well this match was pretty much decided
  14. Miz's wrestlemania moment will be as follows: Miz comes out.... Challenges ANYONE on the roster.... Cue Funkasaurus music... Squash.....


    I am here:
  15. Or Miz just turns face.
  16. OR the rumour is true and Miz is in for the biggest push in history.
  17. Somehow I doubt Miz is gonna end up as the one they're gonna give the "biggest push in history" to. Turning babyface could help him, though. As soon as WWE gets done burying him, that is.
  18. Don't know why people doubt Miz. He's at so many media appearances, is there anyone more marketable than a reality star? He also beat John Cena on the main-event of Wrestlemania -- "But it wasn't clean", yes it was, they drew before Rock restarted the match and Rock bottomed Cena. A draw means champion retains, so he retained cleanly against John Cena at WM. Why is it hard to believe that WWE have faith in a proven draw?
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