Summerslam The Miz hosting Summerslam

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Jul 20, 2013.

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  1. What'cha think about this?

    Senhor Perfect
  2. :mog::annoyed::ohgod: This sounds like one big whole steaming pile of shit.
  3. As Miz didn't say. It's going to be AWFUL! I don't really like it. Miz should turn heel again and have another WWE or WHC reign
  4. What for?
  5. He should turn heel, but please no WHC/WWE Title reign. IC would be fine.
  6. Hmmm. If he has a championship it's fine with me. I loved his WWE+US championship reign tbh
  7. Maybe if he got better and less annoying, I'd be fine with a major title reign.
  8. Right now he's annoying because he's a babyface. I think his heel character would be awesome again.
  9. I'll reserve my judgement for after, but i'm not diggin' it.
  10. This surely means he isn't wrestling then, right? This is indeed awesome!!!
  11. At least this means he won't be competing. Thank goodness we won't have to witness a botched figure four.:phew:
  12. I am betting on regretting saying this, but him on commentary was gold once or twice, and dude isnt going to be pulling some bullshit to compete. Minimum damage.
  13. Summerslam has become so pointless and goony... so Miz hosting will fit right in.
  14. ^ This.

    He doesn't make me rage like some fellows on here, but he's not my favorite wrestler/commentator either.
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  15. :eww: even if Bret Hart came out of retirement to fight Curt Hennigs ghost on the pre show, I couldn't watch.
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  16. Better than him wrestling...
  17. What does him hosting exactly mean? Commentary? Twitter?
  18. Doesnt he always host Summerslam
  19. Lol and I was thinking of attending SS. :pity1: @ me.
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