The Miz = modern day Y2J?

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  1. Pretty obvious title. Do you see Miz as a Y2J of today? By that I mean, do you see The Miz being called up to the main event one month, then the next he's back in the upper mid-card? When do you see The Miz possibly being called up to the main event? I look forward to reading your responses.
  2. I think he'll be the type who can go up and down like Y2J yeah, as can Bryan and such. When do I see him being called back up? I'm not sure, it depends how well Miz does.
  3. Not at all. Two different type of characters, styles and wrestlers. Not even close imo.
  4. Lmao. How disrespectful to Y2J.
  5. This sums it up pretty well.
  7. This is perfect. If he can go back to brash, cocky Miz they can have similar career paths, but I don't see as much in his current character tbh. In the ring, it's Jericho and it's not even close.
  8. Y2J would probably kill himself and then come back to life to kill the Miz if he knew these comparisons were being made.
  9. He's a massive fan of The Miz actually.
  10. He is still 100000000000 X the performer that the Miss could ever

    And I do mean

    E-e-e-e ::slaps self:: EVER dream of being.
  11. True, but I don't see anyone really saying he's better than Y2J lol. The comparison is that Y2J hopped in and out of the main-event all the time, and it seems Miz could do the same thing.
  12. Tons of guys bounce in and out of the ME scene; it's not specific to Jerocho or potentially miss so it is a pointless 'comparison'
  13. Lol. Miz just has one foot in the mid-card. No where near ME for a while.
  14. I agree with Jose. WWE has clearly lost some confidence in Miz compared to where he was in 2010.. but they are giving him the chance to reestablish himself in the mid card scene. At this point he may or may not get another chance at the ME scene, who knows? He certainly isn't setting the world on fire with his IC Title reign (though nobody does)
  15. Agreed.

    This reign does nothing at the moment, it even gets boring imo.
    On the other hand, Rhodes made a name for himself while being IC champ.

    The thing is, the value of the belt isn't there anymore like it was.
    I already showed my love for the Hardy vs Nitro feud from around 2006. Then the title had value to be the Intercontinental Champion. A ladder match for the IC on RAW? That's not even thinkable right now..
  16. No way. For a guy who's "just about in the midcard", he sure is doing well isn't he? He's way too valuable to them to do anything else. He is Mr Media himself, he's a legitimate "celebrity" (which shows how easy it is now'adays). His role on the card was irrelevant because he didn't need to be relevant, now he's back with the IC title and his own show. I don't think they lost any faith at all really, he's just another superstar who went from ME to midcard like a lot do as Dolph's said.
  17. More of a celeb than a wrestler imo. Hope things will change.
    I'd like to see more of him for sure. :pity:
  18. nonononononononononono

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