The Miz needs to go to SmackDown

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  1. I sympathize with The Miz. He took one awkward bump with Truth and his career is basically over? He may be in the doghouse for a little bit, but I'm sure if he takes it well and doesn't complain (unlike Morrison), he'll eventually get another push. I don't see it coming soon, however. Can't imagine with Jericho, Punk, Cena and Ziggler running the show he'll be any good on RAW. Therefore, I'd say he go to SmackDown and try to solidify his gimmick and status there as Orton goes to RAW. Feud with Sheamus or anyone, be the World Heavy Weight Champion at one point in his tenure. He is getting buried and underused on RAW, and I don't see it getting any better.
  2. Ziggler is in a worse place than Miz at the moment bro. But to be honest I'm not too excited for Miz going to SmackDown, Teddy Long = Tag-team matches and main events with squash-fests. Can't be assed for them to ruin yet another top superstar.
  3. I agree Miz is a huge star currently.
  4. I told you all that he will be depushed/punished for failing to catch Truth.

    I didn't have to make that debate thread, in your faces now all you see is Miz crying for a match.
  5. No he does not NEED to go to SmackDown he need to go to NXT! And then Need to go out the Door B/c HE FUCKIN SUCK! And is the Wrost Wrestler EVER! :bury:
  6. Make a video on that mate.
  7. Nah Miz is not worst my time he SUCK TOO MUCH! To much wrost of video time on him!
  8. Please give me valid reasons why Miz sucks. "He sucks in the ring", no, he's average in the ring. Nothing spectacular but no Mason Ryan. On his day he can be a better mic worker than your CM Punk, that's how good he is on the stick. Please don't make me post promo after promo from Miz to back that up.
  9. If you can't wreslter it does made how good the promo are! Miz in the ring end story!
  10. New story

    He's decent in ring.
  11. I'm a minority but The Miz is better on the mic then Punk.
  12. His matches with Bryan too. Just saying.
  13. Over the past 2 years he's been more consistent but Punk has probably had higher points. So I kind of agree with you.
  14. Bryan is a great wrestler that why! MIZ SUCK THOUGH!
  15. Even the greatest wrestlers ever have said you're only as good as your opponent. You can't single handedly carry a match.
  16. Great argument. The detail and complexity of this post is utterly astounding. :troll:
  18. You call someone else a mark yet you end your posts with CM Punk's catchphrase?
  19. What I don't like is that people aren't willing to actually debate Miz. I've never seen a Miz fan turn on Miz after a debate but I've seen plenty of Miz-haters become marks.
  20. The problem is he doesn't have a major flaw any more. His look isn't great but it isn't that big a factor in the WWE any more. His ring work used to cause some hate and rightfully so but he's improved that so much and he's been great on the mic for ages now.
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