The Miz on Conan

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by CM Punk, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. I can never get enough of these interviews because they're hilarious so here it is.

    First Time

    Second Time

  2. Guy is one of the best media workers in WWE I've ever seen. No wander he was a draw when champion. All of his segments draw in viewers too.
  3. Wander? LMAO!
    But yeah these interviews are hilarious and I can't get enough of them.
  4. wonder*

    I'm confused?
  5. I actually can't wait for him to turn face he reminds me so much of the Rock in alot of ways.
  6. I'd rather him turn face at a Wrestlemania, not randomly so no one gives a shit. If he becomes generic aswell like the rest it'll fail, he needs to be allowed to speak on the edge, like Cena has the rights to do (but hardly ever does) and Punk. He reminds me of The Rock a lot too with his delivery, he can work the crowd like no one else at the moment.
  7. You just misspelled "Wonder" but yeah, I think his face turn is a bit overdue.
  8. I agree he should turn at mania although I personally would have turned him at SVS 2010. Imagine the pop if he saved the WWE from Nexus by cashing in on Barret? Plus he could have been his arrogant self against Barrett on the mic saying he saved the WWE and got seriously over if they let him one up Wade on the mic. Oh fantasy booking how I love thee.
  9. Oh you've pulled me back into the fantasy booking hole.

    How I'd do it:

    Barrett wins, becomes champion. They have control over RAW as the Anon GM is a Nexus member, and he refuses all #1 contenders so he'll never drop belt (this is on the next RAW). All Superstars come down and say "But we can still kick your ass". After gloating for about 10 minutes and finally getting his ass kicked, Miz's music hits, cashes in, he's champ. :emoji_heart:33

    God sake Seabs :emoji_slight_frown: