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The Miz missed both Stomping Grounds and Extreme Rules, a bit of a strange scheduling quirk considering his work ethic and track record. As he tells Newsweek, however, he doesn’t mind that if he doesn’t have a match to go along with a story people are invested in:

“I have a problem with being the center of attention. I don’t want to just be thrown in a cold match that no one cares about. What we are as WWE superstars are storytellers. If I’m not involved in a story that people are invested in, that people want to see, then no. You rather let people who are in-story to get the time that they need to tell that story. To be the people to steal the show.”
The reality is Miz needed something of a reset considering the way he came out of his feud with Shane McMahon. He was more or less used to put McMahon over on his way to a program with Roman Reigns. He’s since moved on to Kevin Owens in a top feud on SmackDown.

The Miz, meanwhile, is kicking up an old issue with Dolph Ziggler, himself in need of a reset after doing jobs to Owens to put him over for McMahon.

So it all works out!

Now they just need to make it a story fans can get invested in. Something tells me they’ll do just that and we’ll see them at SummerSlam.

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