The Miz over yet?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by TheoneandonlyDC, Jun 27, 2013.

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  1. Pretty basic question, do you think The Miz has finally got into a groove and is starting to get over? His audience reactions sound much louder now. I think if he just got put into a meaningful feud, he could finally get over that one last bump and could easily be a World Heavyweight Title contender down the road.

    What do you guys think?
  2. Seems to get louder reactions due to the WWE machine, but he's still a pretty poor face atm. The people still clearly want to boo him, and if it wasn't for Ric Flair then he'd be a lot less over imo.
  3. Nah, him as a face has gotten a lot worse than before.
  4. If he turns heel again I'd love to have him in a WWE or WHC title reign
  5. They should turn him into an announcer.
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  6. They should turn him into an interviewer imo. He should start doing that.
  7. They should turn him into the Spanish announce table. Then at least his involvement in a match would be exciting. :jeritroll:
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  8. He had like 2 segments with Flair didn't he?
  9. He got more pop when he was a heel. I forget about him now, to be honest.
  10. He isn't over, he's just meh. His character is boring and he never does anything worthwhile.
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  11. Exactly why I forget about him. When I think of wwe wrestlers, I always forget him. lol
  12. Think it was 3 or 4, including Flair giving him his over leg-lock submission. Miz relies on that a lot for pops during matches.
  13. He isnt over in any way. He should be released to make space for a good wrestler.
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  14. Now that's just too far.
  15. I seriously hate Miz. I hate him on commentary and in the ring.
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  16. He's better as a heel to me. He has something about him that makes him annoying and quite easy to hate in that "please shut him the hell up" kind of way. But WWE has enough heels at the moment.
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