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  1. Just noticed the guy is still on the pre-show just like before after almost a year. :lol1: And to think he headlined WM ones. Discuss!
  2. Were no pre-show's last year. And so what? Cena headlined a pre-show with talking. The pre-show is meant to get people to buy the ppvs so they use guys that they think can get them some extra buys. It's also a way to get some people an extra payday.
  3. He fell off the card a bit, it's normal. But he's not as down as you're saying.
  4. Miz sucks. Fuck the Miz.
  5. A pre-show appearance has no relevance really, it doesn't mean anything.
  6. Pre show means WWE would rather play a bunch of promo vids, a divas match and recaps during the PPV than letting your sorry ass wrastle on their PPV
  8. But wasn't Cena on a preshow once?
  10. US Title gets featured quite a lot on pre show just the way it is.
  11. I admire your optimism. :cornette: But Miz sucks.
  12. Quit while your behind!
  13. multiple opinions on that.
  14. [​IMG]
  15. That is all
  16. I honestly disagree...
    Cesaro V Miz is a great match to watch and they know it, but they can't put all the goods in the PPV and leave all the shit for the pre-show, as they want something good to make people interested in the pre-Show.

    They are very high on Antonio, and there is no way they are preferring this shit on him.
  17. Can you build a case saying otherwise? :pity1:
  18. That's Antonio though, Miz is just a jobber. Antonio is the one in the spotlight.
  19. I was making the point that being in the pre-show doesn't mean you are irrelevant.

    And no, Miz is not a jobber, he is a talented superstar, a good wrestler and a great talker.
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