The MLB these days.......

Discussion in 'Sports' started by F.R.I.E, Sep 22, 2013.

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  1. I want you to know that I am a huge baseball fan. But, what has baseball come to? More specifically, what has the MLB come to? It's become so political that I can't help but feel disgusted whenever I watch a baseball game. This thought of mine really came about during the whole Alex Rodriguez scandal. A-Rod was accused of using illegal steroids. Then, SportsCenter and MLB Network set all the attention on his situation. Brian Cashman made some comments about A-Rod and he wound up in hot water. And for the remaining time, until A-Rod's return to the field, every Yankee game was centered around him. Forget the political side for a minute. What about commentary? Whenever I watch a Yankee game, the commentary is more silent and depressing than Michael Cole after a babyface gets beaten up by a heel. Michael Kay and whoever is his co-announcer at the time (Ken Singleton, Jack Curry, etc.) barely talk during at-bats. I know it's all about the game (:pity2:), but a lack of commentary makes the game boring. Especially when the batter keeps hitting foul balls. Baseball has gotten alot less exciting during the regular season. I can't wait for the playoffs. My favorite time of the year (besides football season/playoffs).
  2. Couldn't agree more, i'm a huge baseball fan and when the mets are going good I can sit and watch every gam.e They are so bad that it's really a hassle to watch them everyday. I still watch em from time to time though.
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    Nope. Chuck Testa.
  4. I'm also a huge baseball fan, but I've lost hope on the Yanks this year. May watch the last few games since they are quite important for us from what I'm told. But, yeah I haven't watch too much recently but they weren't mentioning the scandal while I was watching.

    But all these steroid users man. Cabrera, Rodriguez, Braun. Seriously, Braun you taking steroids won't make your team good.
  5. ......brb im gonna go grab my ban-hammer, it makes me feel more important when im power-tripping.
  6. I won the baseball fantasy league biatches!!
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