The moment when you have no other choice.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Arrow, Aug 20, 2012.

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  1. So.. I kind of just beat a kid unconscious by McDonalds.. He never did like me, but he told me to fight him, and I just tried to walk away, but he kept following me. It pissed me off to the point where I just literally turn around, ran at him, and glass jawed him.. I don't know if he was legit knocked out or faking it, but damn he layed on the ground the whole time it took for me to walk down that street. I feel bad, but hey, if you're gonna force me to fight, you're gonna get your ass kicked, because I know I'm not gonna get hurt, that's for sure.

    Anyways, I was originally just going to get an iced mocha from McDonalds.. That bitch... never did get my iced coffee -.-
  2. Yeah.........I'm going to ask for proof on this before I say anything.
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  3. ^^ I'm not a badass, but I'm not no princess.
  4. Did you run him over in your sports car? Notice the way I don't believe this story. :maybe:
  5. Dude...Unless you have legit fight training I wouldn't be boasting about not being hurt. Trust me.
  6. :win:
  7. I'm confused, is this thread about your fight, coffee, or McDonalds?
  8. Why in the fuck would I have proof.. Am I supposed to randomly carry a video camera, then find someone on the sidewalk and ask them to record a fight that wasn't planned?

    Think before you say dude.

    Also, don't care if you don't believe me, It's just an update status.


    Why do I need to have legit fight training? You should know how to fight at the age of 18.
  9. Quiet Sheamful.
  10. No you shouldn't know how to fight by the age of 18. To say that paints you as primitive. Fighting is not a needed part of our society anymore. I have never been in a "street fight" in my life because I know how to work myself around a fight with words. I am also a trained martial artist with five years of Judo under a European champion. I know how to fight but that is not something you "Need to know" by the age of 18. You are acting very immaturely by that statement and I am sure a lot of the other members on here agree with me.

    Plus from what I analyzed out of that you got lucky as fuck. You knocked a unprepared guy out. He thought you were running away and you hit him when he wasn't prepared. That is not knowing how to fight. That is luck mixed with good timing.
  11. Put it this way, the part of the state I'm from, you either learn how to fight, or you get your ass kicked. I'm not trying to act tough or immature, or whatever you want to call it. It's sad, but it's the truth. It also doesn't help when you have facial disabilities, and kids always beat you up when you were younger, and yes I am referring to myself. I learned how to fight a long time ago, and I have had about 3 years of box experience under Dan Severn. I've been in so many fights that it's not even funny. People think I am some kind of weak bitch because of the fact that I do have disabilities. Learning to fight was something that had to be done.

    And obviously, I could not have avoided this fight. I tried walking away, and he just kept following me. If I would of kept walking, he would have jumped me.. It's better to just get it taken care of ASAP rather than worry about getting jump.

    After all, I only did hit him once any way. I'm not proud of it, but it made me feel a lot more safe knowing I won't be followed by him anymore.
  12. What you should have done there is walk into the McDonald's or another store. Ask to borrow a phone or use your cell, call a guardian or adult, have them pick you up and if needed. Called authorities on him. The stores have cameras so had he started something you would have had legal means to put him behind bars.

    There are mature and sensible solutions to everything
  13. The only reason I was sceptical is I know I wouldn't post here after fights I've had. I don't tend to tell anyone, there's no way of telling someone online without looking like either a liar or a wannabe badass. If this did happen then you sort of done the right thing, I cba to go re-read the story and analyse it properly but yeah if he was picking on you and ignoring it wasn't an option, teach him who's boss. Simple. Boxing though is meant to be for self defence, I've boxed for a long time and you're kicked out of the "class" for fighting, so I hope it really was the only thing you could have done.
  14. I wasn't at McDonalds. I was a block or two away, and I don't like be followed by someone that is telling me to fight them... and plus, even if I did have a cell phone, do you really think he would of just sat there and let me call someone for help? Bullies aren't like that, sorry to say.

    @Crayo I could have kept walking, but I had a 50/50 chance pretty much. If I would have kept walking, either he would have just stopped following me, or he would have jumped me.. We didn't get along in school, so I didn't like my chances. Sad, but the truth.
  15. He would have jumped you in a public place?
  16. Like I said, I was about two blocks away.. bout a quarter mile.
  17. Trained boxing under Dan Severn? He was a good grappler with his wrestling and judo but his stand up sucked. Why the fuck would he be training anyone in boxing
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