Kayfabe The Monarchy Is Born

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  1. *Buster Gates and The Blade stand in the ring. The bell rings for the match to begin. The two men circle around each other preparing to lock up. Buster stops circling and leans backwards on the ropes. The Blade looks at the referee as if to ask "what's going on?" The referee signals for Buster to bring it in. Buster fakes a yawn. Out of nowhere, Andersen Vega slides into the ring and attacks The Blade from behind. The referee has no choice but to ring the bell for a disqualification. Why has the Iron Man Champion just attacked The Blade? Buster walks forward towards The Blade as Vega continues stomping away. Buster pushes Vega to the side and shouts "What is wrong with you?" Buster looks up the ramp and throws up the "X" and signals for someone to come down. The GM and newly crowned European Champion Ryan Blake runs down to the ring. He enters the ring and surveys the situation. He looks at Buster who throws his arms up and shrugs. He turns to Vega who again tries to stomp away at Blade. Blake pushes him back and tries to help Blade up to his feet. As he does so, Blake drops down to his knees and hits him with a low blow. The audience boo. Both Blake and Vega stomp away at Blade as Buster walks over to the ropes smiling and asks for a microphone.*
    Buster Gates: WHAT DID I SAY?! I said last week that I would not be defending this Undisputed Championship, AND WHAT I SAY GOES!
    *Buster throws his arms into the air as Reginald from ringside brings the Undisputed Championship into the ring and passes it to Buster. Boos grow louder.*
    Buster Gates: This is my title! This will forever be MY title! These people you see here with me, beating down this worthless piece of shit are people who are worthy of my time. We have the Iron Man Champion, Andersen Vega. HE is worthy. We have the newly crowned European Champion, General Manager and co-owner of Precision Ryan Blake... He is worthy. And then you have me... The one and only Undisputed Champion, Mr Money, Buster Gates... I am worthy...
    *Buster passes the microphone and belt over to Reginald and throws his arms up so that Vega and Blake can pick Blade up. Buster grabs Blade by the neck and readies him for his Neckbreaker. Buster shakes his hips, smiles and hits him with it. Blade is down and out. Buster grabs the microphone and his championship from Reginald. Ryan Blake stands to his left holding the European Championship and Vega is to his right holding the Iron Man Championship. Buster stands over Blade.*
    Buster Gates: This is an image that will stand the test of time. Take it in. We three men, and Reginald of course, rule this shit! We are your champions. We are your leaders... We... Are The Monarchy!
    *Buster throws the microphone back towards the time keepers area and holds up the Undisputed Championship. The other men hold their championships up too. The camera fades to black as the audience boos are the only things that can be heard.*


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