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    This is the thread where you can get your monthly wrestling news

    This was going to be an article on we write wrestling but ryan davis turned it down becuase this is a news show really then check your articles then

    Anyways be here at the end of the month for the monthly news

    Also check here every week for ricky daniels wwe weekly news for all the wwe news
  2. So first up in the ring is Matt Hardy has put Bray Wyatt on Notice. Now Bray Wyatt is on WWE Smackdown but if this get accepted this will be the first time WWE has done something with TNA. In Sports Illustrated he said

    “I actually find fondness and appreciation for the Bray Wyatt,” said Hardy. “I see that he is driven by a higher power, much like I am driven and motivated and inspired and given strength by the Seven Deities. I respect how he doesn’t walk the normal path, he carves his own. I would love, one day down that road, to show up in WWE and have a match with the Bray Wyatt. I would love to bring him to my battlefield and delete him–that would be my honor.”

    We have no news at the moment on this story

    Second up in the ring is the rise of the Women's division and what are my views on it. So WWE has recently been putting more focus on the women's division like the time NXT put had a women's main event. So what are my views on it well i think if they want to give the women a chance they should give the women's division their own show and no total divas does not count. But thats my view you can also read the views and the other people or as i call it the dark sides

    The Third story in the ring is from NJPW might be going to the USA bit like WWE going to the UK and not showing it live on Sky Sports. Now the show may have 4,000 people there so that is more than TNA and will be on AXS Tv which is the home of the UK X Factor and to the people who has watched it i am sorry that you had to hear strangled rats.

    Anyways that is it for the post and remember come back for more updates. I have been michael haworth and i will see you soon.
  3. I don't think threads like this are really needed. It's virtually useless since almost all major news stories get their own thread, and the minor ones don't need to be posted. Not to mention the Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy story already has it's own thread. And you used the thread's title as the title of your "article". Also the NJPW coming to USA is nothing new, and they've been on AXS for around 2 years now.
  4. Meh. No need for threads like this.
  5. Do i never get one dream here
  6. Lad, no offense, but you have some pretty shitty ideas. I'm not one to rag, because I did too. But I recommend posting probably stuff, that works within a wrestling forum. Post threads about news and other discussions, not dirtsheets or useless "Appreciation" threads.
  7. Appreciate the effort. But if something is "newsworthy" enough it ends up getting its own topic either way.

    There's no need for threads like this for news.