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    Crowds chant things all the time (if the crowd is alive that is). Most of the time the chants hit it right but sometimes they hit dead wrong or the chant just becomes horrible.

    The chant I dislike the most is "You can't wrestle". Mainly because it is used so often in the wrong way. In current memory Fandango is getting this chant thrown at him... for refusing to wrestle. Wouldn't a "you suck" chant be more fitting? Or back at one night stand 2006. Cena and Orton get You can't wrestle chants (neither man is a master technician but both sure can wrestle) whilst the Sandman gets praised like some kind of Jesus. And the Sandman's ring repertoire is basically Singapore Cane shots. This might have to do with ECW nostalgia though.

    But anyways.

    Which chants do you dislike the most?

    Are there any chants that you think are being used the wrong way now?
  2. The what chat, in any use. It is so damn annoying by the 5th time, and some idiot always keeps it going. Especially in TNA.
  3. What chants ruin promos.
  4. Let's go Cena :upset:
  5. This.

    There's only two times (what?) it should be used (what?) and that's towards Vincent Kennedy McMahon (what?) and towards R-Truth if he ever (what?) turns heel again (what?). It's another relic of the nineties (what?) wrestling fans just can't live without (what?) and do you see how annoying this is (what?) seriously what's the point it's just really annoying (what?)
  6. "boring" chants are annoying as fuck, because they are happening more and more to heels cutting promos when they're definitely not boring. "Goldberg" chant is rather annoying as well. Let it go.
  7. And some asshole always does it like two more times after. :mad2:

    Cena shoot? Sure. During a bully ray hogan deal? Why, the fuck, are you so retarded.
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  8. "What" and "Boring", both super annoying, and I find chanting "boooriing" to be really rude imo. The only time I liked the what chants were when they were directed at heel R-Truth, mainly for the "Don't what me!" lol
  9. Yeah, boring can be annoying when done in the incorrect situation. And it's pretty rude indeed.
  10. What? pisses me off no end
    The Goldberg chant is boring
  11. Boring chants - This just makes the match worse when the crowd are chanting this, how are you supposed to deliver a good match when the fans are heckling,remember the ROH crowd doing this last year for Finlays matches against Strong and then Elgin. its just disrespectful.

    What Chants-the most idiotic chant ever.When a heel is doing a promo all the fans do is chant this,they never listen to what the heel has to say. It serves no real purposes. At least a few wrestlers have owned the fans with this prime example undertaker.
  12. Only "What" chants bother me.
  13. +1 it interrupts the timing of the promos. Workers have to rush through their sentences to avoid the "whats" so they can never get the right feeling across.
  14. Although I have to say, at its peak the "yes" chant was really driving me insane
  15. the crowd saying "really" to the miz
  16. Goldberg because it just droans on and on and on and on and... yeah.
    'What' when it's to top guys (Taker got it last year when he came back. Like fuck off would you.)
    'Boring' if it's that boring, leave the show. No one is forcing you to be there.
  17. "What?" chants are easily the worse. Beyond annoying.
  18. What chants are just the worst.

    But i wish the 'you fu**ed up' chant was used more.
  19. let's go cena chant
  20. The si chants for del rio suck. I mean all it is a copy of db's yes chants. I dont mind any of those other chants you guys are talking about, more than likely because im the 1 that starts them.
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