The Most Annoying People Of 2015

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Neptune, Oct 15, 2015.

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  1. Pick anyone in the public eye, be it politics - religions - musicians - celebrities - ect

    I don't really follow much of anything but I do tire of hearing about that Kardashian family. No matter which one it is, people worship these people for doing absolutely nothing. I honestly do not get why any of them are even famous. Regardless of liking them or hating them, people continue to fuel them by stating how they feel... like I am doing here... DAMMIT!
  2. Donald Trump for being Donald Trump

    Kylie Jenner for taking over Kim Kardashian as the most famous person for absolutely no reason

    Hopsin for continuing to release music and having the shittiest fan base ever

    I'm sure there's a lot more that annoy me, but these are 3 that came to my mind quickly
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  3. Amy Schumer.
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  4. Kim Davis by far. Fortunately I haven't heard anything from her in a while.
  5. Kardashian continues to be waste of oxygen.
  6. Elaborate on this.
  7. Kardashian's
    Caitlyn Jenner
    Ariana Grande
  8. Kardashians - of course, you're right about that.
    The Jenner family - I think they're related to the Kardashians, so no surprise there.
    Justin Bieber - Continues to be a douchebag all over the world.
    CM Punk - Continues to bitch about everything like a miserable prick
    Kanye West - Still thinks he's the greatest human to ever grace this earth.
    Nicki Minaj - Really tired of hearing about her ugly ass.

    Just to name a few.
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  9. Any body in the GOP race.
    Cm Punk
    Ariana Grande
    And lets throw in Amy Schumer
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  10. I haven't really heard much about Amy Schumer other than her being in some movie. Did I miss something? lol
  11. Consistently on the news, got her own show, and I think she won woman of the year. Forgot what the award was exactly, but yeah, all for being another self-deprecating female comedian. Basically another Melissa McCarthy, and that's what we need. Another one of her.
  12. Justin Bieber
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  13. :eww:
  14. Bruce "Call me Catilyn" Jenner - Is hailed as some sort of courageous hero for publicly admitting he wants to be a woman and was even given the Arthur Ashe Courage Award over Lauren Hill and army veteran Noah Galloway, both of whom deserved it much more. Everything about him screams Attention Whore to me.

    Ronda Rousey - I think it's more the hype surrounding her that I wish would die down than anything to do with her personally, but she does come across as if she legitimately thinks she's the toughest fighter in the world. She's even calling out Floyd Mayweather to a real fight in what is obviously just a cheap attempt to try and leech off of his fame.
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  15. Kardashians/jenners/west: all media whores and do certain things to achieve this constantly.

    Should all be shot dead
  16. That pisses me off that true heroes go unrecognized today because people look up to plastic whores on the TV who'll do anything for money.
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  17. This. I don't get the love, she is quirky but isn't much more than a non jewish blonde.....the chick who dated Not-Jimmy Fallon.
  18. I still can't believe Ziggler dated Schumer.
  19. Ziggler's into comedy. Hell he does comedy in his off time, as well. Seems like a normal match to me. According to Schumer, they met while she was in a hospital getting treated for food poisoning and he came to visit her. He got into her pants the day he met her. :rock:
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