The Most Extreme Monsters Ball Match of All Time!?

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    Thursday on IMPACT, Bram and Abyss will attend the Monsters Ball at the Manhattan Center in NYC. The feud between the two has become increasingly barbaric and has become centered on Janice, Abyss’ secret weapon that Bram recently took control of.

    A few weeks ago, Bram and Magnus teamed in a Monsters Ball match against Abyss and Willow in what turned out to be a wild brawl where tacks, barbed wired, chairs, trash cans and even a cheese grater came into play. At the end of the match, and incredibly bloody Bram took Janice and turned her against Abyss to put an end to the match.

    This past week at Destination X, Abyss issued a challenge to Bram, which was quickly accepted and this Thursday the two men will meet one-on-one in what is sure to be a violent and devastating clash.

    For years, Abyss has become known as IMPACT’s monster, a destructive force like none other. However, since debuting, Bram has proven to be a formidable opponent. This match is sure to raise the bar in violence.

    Can the winner of this match make the claim that they are the TRUE monster of TNA? We think so…

    Don’t miss the chaos this Thursday at 9/8c on Spike TV as IMPACT comes to you from the Manhattan Center in NYC!


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