The most feuds the Divas' Division has ever had?

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  1. Don't expect anybody to care about this, but holy macaroni have you guys noticed just how many storylines the Divas' have going on right now?

    By my count it's 4. With the Bryan vs Authority angle put on hold, Stephanie McMahon fired Brie Bella and she's gonna fight to get her job back, so that's a nice surrogate for that feud. Naomi's getting all these opportunities while Cameron's getting looked over in her own space alien-y way because she's Cameron and apparently the Funkadactyls are not gonna be touching asses any more. You have whatever the hell this is between Summer and Layla, now starring Dolph Ziggler so people can't help but give a shit. And of course AJ vs Paige for the title, with surprisingly good build before they fuck it up. (Oh, and Alicia Fox is probably yelling at some random passersby in her underwear on a street corner somewhere.) Not to mention the great NXT division, and the Knockouts even have 2 feuds going on as well...

    When's the last time mainstream womens' wrestling has had so much support from within the company? Ever? Four things going on when they usually have to beg to get one? The men normally don't have 4 feuds within their 172 hours of weekly TV time! Wonder what's with the change? Is this a Triple H call?

    Happy for the girls, now you can leave your chauvinistic comments below. :sandow:
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  2. Where can I see Alicia Fox yelling in her underwear, that trumps every other feud in my book.
  3. I'm glad they are having more feuds but I wish they had more female wrestlers with talent. Summer Rae and Layla has been boring because neither of them are outstanding in the ring... the feud is basically just about who Fandango is going to pick.. now they throw Dolph in the mix guaranteeing he definitely won't see a push anytime soon. Brie vs Steph at Summerslam should be very good as they both work well in the ring and it's a purposeful feud. AJ and Paige will also both be very good as they are skilled as well. Naomi is 10x better than Cameron.. so there can only really be two outcomes to their feud.. Naomi wins and Cameron fades away or they somehow get back together... I can't see Cameron winning and if that does happen they need to fire whoever wrote it up that way.

    My 2 cents.
  4. I've always said if you ever booed Vickie Guerrero, you'd have to give a nod to Stephanie.
    Stephanie transformed a sweet, overweight beloved widow into an entitled, whiny 'b**** with relative ease.
    If I'm not mistaken Steph is in charge of Public Relations right now. She knows what it takes to allow the audience to see women as independent people worthy of respect... or else.

    Steph is no wrestler, but when it comes to image and character development she definitely has the first say when it comes to the Divas division.
  5. Steph has had her fair share of experience inside a WWE ring... and is better than most of the girls on the roster at the moment. I wouldn't say she's not a wrestler.

  6. Fair enough. I'd still hire Finlay or Regal to actual 'handle' the women ring wise.
  7. That match between her and Trish at No Way Out 2001 was actually surprising good considering Stephanie had virtually no experience inside a wrestling ring at that point and she carried her own weight throughout. Probably only one of like three women's matches that I've actually enjoyed watching in my whole life.
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  8. There's still a lot of skepticism, not just in the way of the performers themselves but that I don't think we'll see a Divas' match worth watching - even out of AJ and Paige - on Raw or PPV. There were a few gems hidden away on Main Event, but largely I'll believe it when I see it when it comes to good wrestling... of course there's always exceptions, surely the boss's daughter is one.

    Otherwise I agree 99% with what you say. There's a great core to build around if they'd get out of the way and let the girls work, but there's also way, way too much dead weight.
  9. I agree... the quality of matches can be improved by doing one thing... let the women do some risky moves or let the women do some moves you would normally only see the guys pull off... that's why the AE divas division was good.. and that's how this division could be better.. but unfortunately there are only slightly more than a handful of girls now who could pull off something like that.. those being Paige, AJ, Brie, Naomi, Alicia Fox, Tamina Snuka (if she ever returns) and Emma (if she ever gets the chance to wrestle again).
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  10. I love that the women's division is getting more attention. I'm glad some other feuds are developing outside of the one for the title, but the matches still need to be longer because three minute matches still make it seem like a joke. They have far less time to validate their time in the ring than the guys who get more consistent work on a weekly basis than most of the Divas roster is accustomed to. When the guys can easily get at least 10 minute matches, the same should be allotted to the girls. I think at least most of them could pull off longer matches if they were given the opportunity - especially ladies like AJ, Paige, Natalya, Alicia Fox, Summer, and Emma to name a few. With the time they're allotted and the time the company spends developing them individually (which is slim to none for most of them), I think they're all doing a nice job. At least the WWE is starting to do a better job with them and it's showing.
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  11. Sounds pretty risky (pun intended), JK. These women aren't built like the women of yesteryear and that must be a factor
  12. Paige and Emma did a pretty good job of it in their match on NxT ArRival... like I said only slightly more than a handful could pull it off.

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  13. Whoops, I accidentally funny'd your post. I have to agree and the build up between the match couldn't be any better!

    With no experience both ladies built it up with no fear and it was one of many favorite feuds within the female locker room.

    Does anyone remember Sable And Steph going at it?
  14. True Rain. Paige/AJ and Steph/Brie I like, Summer/Layla and Cameron/Naomi not so much. Miss Summer as a heel in NXT with that ACH theme, and Cameron is useless, but it's good to see them getting attention. Although what was said previously is true, they have to get more time on Raw so people care, but just seeing 4 programs is probably an indicator that HHH is getting more pull and that bucky beaver toothed worthless Kevin Dunn is slowly being ignored. Or at least it'd be cool if that was the case.
  15. Marking for Leo's new Backlund gimmick of randomly going on rants mid-post. :bodallas:

    As for the girls getting time: Charlotte debuted on the main roster less than a year ago, and with so little experience her and Natalya put on what many people called the best womens' match in years. If they can give her sixteen minutes and she can deliver, so can AJ and Paige.
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  16. I remember it. Hated it, too. The only good things about Sable vs Stephanie was Mr. McMahon's role in the angle. Vince was at his most entertaining as a character in 2003. Thank fuck they did not bring back Sable for the Hunter/Brock angle at last year's Wrestlemania. You may have forgotten this, but there was a small rumor last year (that I figured had no merit to it) that they were gonna bring Sable into the feud to tangle with Stephanie just because she was Brock's wife and stuff.

    Back on topic a bit: I'm no fan of the Divas, but Stephanie and Brie actually has my interest a little bit. You have to admire the company's decision to book a feud between the two since it's their way of keeping Bryan's presence on the show since the tension between Stephanie and Brie began with Stephanie unleashing "The Jobber" (sorry, "The Demon") Kane on Bryan, which is what caused his injury and forfeiting of the title in the first place. AJ and Paige has my interest a little bit too, but that's mainly because I like AJ. The other two feuds fail to make my care list.
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  17. Did anybody else notice the beating heart in the rib cage T-shirt AJ was wearing?
    With Paige turning heel, AJ is firmly placed as the #1 baby face diva
    If WWE knows Punk better than we do, maybe they are placating his ego here
    I've noticed AJs promo getting more sophisticated, so I can see Punk reading into that
    Since this the diva's thread I'll speculate that the Paige/AJ turn (though inevitable) could be designed to lure AJs fiance into playing softball in contract negotiations
  18. The divas got quite a bit of face time on RAW.
    Its due considering how much women crave drama
  19. if there is a diva storyline on the third hour of raw and nobody watches, does it make a thread?

    the answer is apparently yes
  20. Given that I'm apparently a Paige mark now, I'm enthused.
    Stephanie is killing it and is building the divas division as only she can.
    Divas aren't simply eye candy, they have their own desires and goals as any human does.
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