"The Most Popular Girls in School"

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Lady Deathbane, Jan 22, 2013.

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  1. Y'all should watch it, even though it's not the manliest thing to watch, lmao. It gets funnier and funnier each episode. I hopefully linked the playlist, so it'll go to the next episode.

    Edit: Nope, the playlist didn't work, but should check it out anyway, haha. :dawg:
  3. Well, I tried. :dawg:
  4. ... that wasn't a bunch of guys doing that right?

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  5. It's a variation of dudes and chicks.
  6. I watched it.

    At first I was like: :regal:

    Then I was like: :pity:

    Then I was like :fap:
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  7. I didn't want to watch starting from 0:15, but then I was like "but it's LD", got a headache ar 0:35. I tried :upset:
  8. I'm feeling that sig bro
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