The most questionable world title reigns...

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  1. Now whenever these threads are usually made Russo or Arquette usually win and rightly so, however these were won in companies where wrestling played second fiddle to entertainment so they made some contored sense. Now the one reign which always bugged me was when James Gibson (Jamie Noble) was the one who toppled CM Punk and saved the compaines Honor in a fourway elimination match, which also featured Christopher Daniels and Samoa Joe. This isn't even about Noble in all honesty, he was built pretty well and was good enough in ring to have a short reign before passing it on to some vanilla midget called Bryan Danielson. The issue is you had Daniels return, one of the founding fathers of the company who was mocked by Punk for his decision to run off to TNA with AJ Styles post the Rob Feinstein incident. It was a perfect oppourtunity for a babyface Daniels to hold the strap after ending the threats Punk held to take it with him.

    Now avoiding the obvious choices from WWE and WCW, which title reigns did you find most questionable?
  2. There are other companies? Hardy in TNA recently comes to mind, but he was up for contract.
  3. 1) This is just nitpicking, but I hated when Lex Luger won the belt from Hogan on Nitro five days before losing it back to him at Road Wild 1997. It wasn't even just the fact that he kept it for not even a week, but that it would have been better and more special for Sting to be the absolute first guy to dethrone Hogan at Starrcade 1997. It'd be like if Ryback really did defeat Punk at Hell In A Cell, only to lose it back to Punk at either Survivor Series or the TLC match on Raw, before Punk just dropped it to The Rock at the Rumble anyway. I know it's a small thing that most don't even care about, but things like this irritate me.

    2) Speaking of which, another is Sting in 1998. Not the fact that he won the belt, but the fact that it lasted two months. (The topic does say most questionable title reigns, not just wins.) What is the excuse for building up a huge baby face like Sting, loaded with mystique, and then having such a short-lived title reign? I guess it wasn't bad enough that he got fucked over at Starrcade 1997 by being pinned by a normal count and never got to defeat Hogan cleanly (not even at Superbrawl where he won the belt, Savage was the one who knocked Hogan out), they then had to take the belt away from him and put it back around Hogan's waist all of two months later.

    3) Jack Swagger winning the belt in 2010. Edge should have won it at Wrestlemania, and if not him, then please go with a better choice than a bland, uncharismatic sub par worker like Swagger. And now they're pushing him AGAIN this year. I wonder how much JR's love for him has to do with him getting these pushes.

    These are just a few that popped in my mind.
  4. Vince mcmahon
  5. That would fall under the category of "obvious choices."
  6. Cause? Reason? Please elaborate.
  7. Most hated Vince winning the title because he's a non-wrestler, much like Russo and Arquette. Same with him winning the 1999 Royal Rumble. But most didn't have a problem with it at the time because 1999 was stock full of crash TV and stunts like this to shock people. Looking at it outside of it's context though, more people have a problem with it. He did only keep it for a few days, unlike the aforementioned two.
  8. I understand the reasoning. I just wanted it out of Lanny's mouth instead of just a two word reply.
  9. Whilst Vince was a none wrestler he drew great heat, was a god on the mic and was at least willing to bump like a champ, plus it continued a story which is why I can't hate it.
  10. sometimes when im at work i only have time for 2 words
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  11. Also this is in other wrestling :gtfo: with your WWE/F and WCW / NWA stuff.

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    I'll go quietly
  12. Davey Richards ROH Title reign
    El Generico PWG Title reign (2011-2012).
    Xavier ROH reign 2002.
  13. Finally someone who understands how to indie wrestling. Generico's reign just seemed to be to open up Dragon and Steen picking up the tag titles (yeah I don't know why he had to drop it either as he held them simulataneously after either but at least there is some reason)

    Davey looked a good choice on paper, just the execustion was horrible.

    Xavier even has me beat for a reason....
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