The most underrated superstar ever?

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  1. For me it's Chris Jericho. Sure he gets a whole lot of love in the IWC because we can analyse and respect what he has done, but he is never included in the same sentences as Rock, Austin and Hogan for example. Why not? Jericho in my opinion is the best speaker in history, yeah, I'm going there and saying that, I doubt many will agree.

    Speaking on the mic is fine and all, but was he good in the ring? Your damn right he was, he was (and still is by some) regarded as the best in the world. He's a phenomenal technician and a great athlete. He's so unique, he never copies gimmicks, it's all original stuff. He'll always be seen as the 2nd in command, hopping from ME to mid-card but never lost credibility because he's that damn good.

  2. Scott Hall. He had the look, the mic ability, charisma and ring ability yet he never was a main event talent. He should have won world titles in the WWF and WCW. He was the one who made the NWO cool yet he's always regarded as the other guy.
  3. It's William Regal, at least in the last decade. Ridiculously talented, but somehow neglected. I heard he was about to receive a big heel push in 2008, but he failed the wellness policy and BERIED himself, unfortunately.
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  4. Tyson Kidd. This guy has it all and I know he has the charisma.
  5. This was a close second in my list.
  6. William is underrated true. But i can see why hes underrated so much, hes just terribly slow inside the ring if u check his matches, he does have lots of in ring talents though.

    On topic i would say Sting and Goldust.

    Sting could have been the next taker or something like that, he had all the means of being a dark character. Great gimmick, get get up, amazing mic skills, good in ring skills, not slow in the ring, etc etc. He basically had everything. He was just never used well, and well its not unknown that he despises vince and doesnt want to work with vince, hence he never was in wwf much.
    And goldust could have been a huge gimmick wrestler if used right, his gimmick was one of the best imo, and there are some in ring moves that only he can do, that says a lot about his technical ability, however like Regal, he was a bit slow in the ring and never a great seller.
  7. He's not "terribly slow" inside the ring in a manner you're trying to display it. He's a classic, old school British wrestler, his style, his defense and offense are very methodical and calculate, and yeah - the pace he sets up is usually slow, but interesting at the same time, because Regal is very charismatic and is a great storyteller, he can make simple things look interesting, especially when he plays a heel.

    Btw, Orton is even slower, and it didn't stop him from being pushed. And Regal is much more talented than Orton, in all areas.
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  8. Yes, its just that there are people who dont prefer that style of wrestling, opinions deffer. He was a great heel.

    However saying orton is slower or less talented is totally wrong. Technically Regal might be ahead of orton, but orton certainly isnt slower, he used to be a fast agile wrestler when he was a heel, his new gimmick makes him a slow calculating type of wrestler, however hes still faster than regal. And there are only a handfull of people who can tell a story through their match better than orton, when i say handfull i mean handfull.
  9. Since he debuted: Santino Marella- the guy gets bigger pops then their main guy John Cena and there isn't a single person that boo's him. He's got really good mic skills and when given the opportunity very gifted in the ring (see Smackdown elimination chamber 2012 and his IC matches). The guy is also young and and would be easily be able to handle the main even card.
  10. Jericho was never put on Austin or Hogan's levels because of his size. He was too short (by WWE's standards) and not a traditional big guy. Otherwise, he would have a bigger impact. He didn't have the same kind of business changing impact that Hogan or Austin or Rock had.

    I agree that Scott Hall is underrated, and may be among the most underrated guys of all time. He had technical ability, mic skills and charisma, and could have been a main eventer if he hadn't left the WWF in the mid-90's. But he once said in a shoot interview that he never wanted to be a top guy because he didn't want the responsibility of carrying the company.
  11. Sting isn't underrated at all, he's just not as known as he should be because he's not been in the biggest professional wrestling company in the world. Everyone rates Sting highly. Also, he doesn't hate Vince any more. He's met with him numerous times.
  12. Sting is really well known amongst most people tbh, he one most popular superstar something daft like 4 years in a row.
  13. "he one"

    Think you mean "won", oh it's good to be back.
  14. Feels good to not have a crashed browser every .gif I see.
  15. Sting is also thinking bout signing with WWE some time after WM28 but just for 1 year...don't know if it's gonna happen but we all know the reason why he would go
  16. He said he was very very close to this year, but then signed with TNA.
  17. I can't see him going tbh. He was close to going last year but TNA give him what ever he wants and I can't see Vince doing that.
  18. Neither can I, it's a dream match though. Even at their age.
  19. Good to know that you know sting personally and that he has told you he doesnt hate vince anymore, good to know. :facepalm:

    And you are completely wrong, hes very underrated, majority at youtube underrate him.

    *waiting for "har har youtube full of little kids, we british we intelligent" type of response from Crayo.*
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