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  1. I'm sure others of you have thought of this, but I'm stunned it isn't a thread already. Anyways, does hitting Jerry Lawler make Punk bad?

    If he hit Rocky and the fans are still cheering him, then why is he bad for hitting Jerry?

    Maybe this is similar to Shawn Michaels a few years back. I thought, for sure, Shawn had turned bad. I dunno. I caught the end of RAW and these were my thoughts.
  2. It seems like their main way, right now, of turning him heel. I think it's just the stigma that you can get away with doing that to other wrestlers, but commentators, announcers, etc. should be left out of it. That seems to be the feel of things anyway.
  3. You're probably right in your thinking, Grammar. It's pretty humorous to wonder if fans (especially males) will boo Punk at all.
  4. No doubt he'll get his fair share of boos now. With it being Punk, I'm sure he'll still get plenty of cheers, but based on that act along with his overall recent behavior, I'm sure he'll start getting some heat. I am curious just how much heat he'll get on Monday's show though.
  5. Punk's character is awesome. He's still not a full heel in my eyes, as he doesn't align hmiself with other heels or cut heel promos on the WWE universe, he's still embracing their SUPPORT and seems angry when Jerry made that claim. But his character has turned into a more selfish attention-seeking character, I think it might eventually turn into an anti-hero type character which I hope. I think him hitting Jerry will eventually help him turn full heel, there's no way the casual fans will keep cheering Punk when he does act like this. The male fans will.
  6. Hopefully he's back to the selfish ideology from pre MITB 2011. Doing anything to be the man.
  7. Though he's dropping the belt at NoC imo, which will be the most retarded thing ever.
  8. :downer: I expected something else when I came in here....and I doubt he's dropping the championship at Night of Champions, I see him fighting The Rock at Royal Rumble.
  9. I do too, I just expect a 2-3 month Cena reign beforehand.
  10. :dafuq: I don't even see the point of that, Cena already has 12 reigns, cant they at least give it to someone else during that time?
  11. Personally I'd prefer to have Punk keep it and have his reign stretched longer in terms of how many days, I just don't see Cena losing in his home town now and having him admit Punk is the best in the world. Perhaps they might swerve me as I never really called CM Punk winning at MITB 2011. The good thing with WWE is, you always expect the predictable, and when they do swerve you it tends to be awesome, so I hope this is the case.
  12. I slept on this and I don't believe Punk will torture his fans any. If he does so well selling shirts, why should he bad in the fans eyes?

    I hear often that Randy Orton is boring, that he should go back to his old ways. If they do this with Punk and Randy who will be left?
  13. Exactly, which is why I see him going down the anti-hero type route. I doubt we'll see heel promos on the crowd, but I can expect heel promos on other faces.
  14. CM Punk is settled firmly into the tweener category. Similar to the SCSA character, he's going to act heel (as Crayo says, an anti-hero type), but his natural charisma and ability will still get him cheered. Add to that the fact that he's facing off against Cena (who is still in a definite love/hate relationship with the WWE Universe) and you've got a character dynamic that, to the die-hard wrestling fan, that is very reminiscent of the Rock-Austin feud in 2001 (I can hear people scrambling now....the one thing missing from Punk-Cena is the mainstream attention due to the widespread popularity of WWE at the time; look at the character dynamic, not your faded memories of Rocky and Stone Cold and how awesome the AE was and how WWE sucks now and yadda, yadda, yadda).

    There's no need to turn Punk fully heel. Just let Punk be Punk.

    Alternatively, and despite what a lot of the IWC screams about, there's no need to turn Cena heel. Just let Cena be Cena.

    They're both heroic and unlikable in their own ways. This merits no manipulation by WWE. Just let the audience do what the audience will do. That's what made the storylines of the past great and what is missing from the modern WWE.

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  15. CM Punk clearly is turning heel before he retires hes gonna continue this respect thing and attacking people before he goes
  16. it makes him a very naughty boy :emoji_grin:
  17. I think he is an anti-hero type character right now after SummerSlam I hope that keep that way though.
  18. I agree with it all apart from the second to last paragraph. I don't think we should just let Cena be Cena as that has been done to death. Think of the amount Punk has changed in his 7 years in WWE compared to how Cena has. Punk has had numerous different looks, Cena has stuck with these disgusting colourful shirts, (with the exception of a few earlier ones) his god awful haircut, his stale character. It doesn't fuss me that he stays as the controversial guy that he is just now - I wouldn't turn him heel either - but he could definitely do with a few subtle changes at least.
  19. Ugh, I used the word 'naughty' to OP this thread. How absurdly porn star of me.
  20. Was going to point that out with a naughty picture of CM Punk in a second :upset:
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