The Negative in the WWE (2012)

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by CM Punk, Jan 1, 2013.

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  1. In your opinion, what were the negative's in 2012 overall?

    I'll probably start by saying Zack Ryder's Push.

    Here we have a guy who is on the bout of getting released by the WWE in the year of 2011 and he's like "WTF? If I'm going to get released I might as well have fun while it lasts."
    He starts Z! True Long Island story and starts garnering a fan base slowly and begins to get a bit over and over week by week.

    He even began getting TV time as he became the assistant SmackDown! General Manager.

    We're at a point where people are chanting "Woo Woo Woo!" during The Rock's promo. He finally wins the big one, winning the United States Champion against Dolph Ziggler in TLC 2011.

    We're now wondering, "Hey, I wonder what the year 2012 holds for the Internet and United States Champion?"

    We get into 2012. He has this love storyline going in with Eve. He's trying to go on a date with her or something. And at the time Cena is feuding with Kane. Cena who is a supporter or the Ryder Revolution merged two storylines in one. A bit of a crossover. Kane started attacking Ryder and getting kayfab injured as in broken ribs, spine, whatever.

    Then he catches Eve and Cena making out and still becomes a target until there storyline is over. We are now at Wrestlemania where Ryder loses the match for there team because of Eve's distraction and the rest is history.

    At this point the WWE Youtube channel has moved Z! True Long Island Story to their channel and start writing the episode and editing everything. Lot's of people lost interest and everyone pretty much forgot about Ryder.

    So overall that's a negative in 2012. #ZackRyder
  2. Cena ruining & destroying Kane's Epic return :sad:
  3. This isn't a big fail but Brock Lesnar's encounter with John Cena.

    He made his amazing return on the night after Wrestlemania 28 and gave Cena the F5.
    They built this match up good and we're at the Extreme Rules. Brock Lesnar is dominating and pretty much killing John Cena in the match.
    Out of nowhere Cena uses his chains and wins using the Attitude Adjustment.
    He cut's a lousy promo on how he needs to take time off and is on the next night.
    It would have been better the other way around if either John Cena was stretchered out or if Brock Lesnar won. He would look like a monster until Wrestlemania 29 where he would encounter The Undertaker.
  4. Don't know how I forgot about Brock/Cena!
    Imo the outcome of that match was the stupidest in WWE history.
  5. Jericho vs Punk, it was incredibly meh when you factor in the talent.
  6. It wasn't givin the proper built imo, Cena/Rock stole the spotlight.

    Their match at ER was great though.
  7. I wasn't that into there Wrestlemania Bout.
    Their Extreme Rules was better, but that's still not saying much.
    Plus I expected amazing promo wars between the two and I found the better half coming from Jericho around Elimination Chamber.

    He said something like, "I'm the Best Wrestler in the World and I don't need it on the back of my shirt to prove it!" :mad1:
  8. -Zack Ryder being a victim of "You get punished if you dare to get over on your own without WWE's consent"
    -Brock losing at Extreme Rules
    -Brock's limited contract restricting him to only two matches the whole year
    -CM Punk being booked in the upper-midcard despite being world champion
    -Jericho/Punk match at Wrestlemania was underwhelming. Victim of the Mr. Perfect/HBK syndrome.
  9. :hmm:

    Sheamus' push
    Sheamus burying Ziggler
    Sheamus burying D-Bry
    Sheamus burying Alberto Del Rio
    Sheamus burying Jericho
    Sheamus burying Mark Henry
    Sheamus ending Tensai's streak
    Sheamus having a long title reign
    Sheamus fueding with Big Show
    Sheamus fueding with Del Rio
    Sheamus winning the Royal Rumble
    Big Show's push
    Big Show burying D-Bry
    Big Show burying Cody
    Big Show holding the WHC
    Big Show fueding with Cody
    Big Show fueding with Cena
    Big Show fueding with Sheamus
    Big Show being the first to beat Brodus Clay
    Brodus Clay's lame ass character
    Brodus Clay's lame ass character being pushed
    Brodus Clay's lame ass character burying Ziggler
    Brodus Clay's win streak
    Brodus Clay's win streak ending with Big Show
    AJ Lee becoming GM
    AJ Lee being in a love story with Punk
    AJ Lee being in a love story with D-Bry
    AJ Lee being in a love story with Kane
    AJ Lee being in a love story with Cena
    AJ Lee being in a love story with Ziggler
    Jericho's comeback failing
    Jericho's fued with Punk sucking
    Jericho going over Ziggler after putting over half the fucking roster
    Cena vs Cole
    Cena vs Laurinaitis
    Cena fueding with Show
    Cena fueding with Tensai
    Cena going over Brock
    Tensai's initial push
    Tensai going over Cena
    Tensai going over Punk
    Tensai's streak being ended by Sheamus
    Ziggler being buried by Brodus
    Ziggler being buried by Sheamus
    Ziggler being SO FUCKING UNDERUTILIZED for 90% of the year
    Bryan vs Sheamus at 'Mania
    Bryan being Buried by Sheamus
    Bryan being buried by Punk
    Bryan being buried by Big Show
    Bryan being buried by Kane besides SS
    Barrett's character
    Miz and his suckiness
    Elimination Chamber
    3 Hour Raw
    Smackdown post D-Bry reign
    Saturday Morning slam

    + Much Much more.
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  10. Yea that line was awesome by Jericho :smug:
  11. The best had to be Punk's though 'While you were dancing with the stars I was swimming with the sharks'
  12. Tensai was a negative.
    Just his character, he didn't even look like a beast/monster going in. They really should have kept him on SmackDown, he could have had a good upper mid-card run or even Main Event if it was do-able.
  13. Probably doesn't matter all that much but actually it was the opposite "All the while, I'm here, swimming with sharks, while you're dancing with stars"

    And yea it was awesome too.
  14. Sheamus' title reign, not enough Brock, Tensai, the Miz being on TV so much, 18 seconds!
  15. Was unsure of that when typing it lol.
  16. 18 seconds wasn't just a mistake, it was a DISASTER...A DISGRACE.
  17. It's funny how he had it on the back of his trunks a while after he said that. :dawg:
  18. I don't see the problem with Bryan losing in 18 seconds. They were obviously going for a Wrestlemania moment, and besides which, we got a great match the following month anyway. You could also argue that losing that fast got Bryan more over (I doubt this, he was already getting more and more over, but others disagree.)
  19. Re: RE: The Negative in the WWE (2012)

    Everyone read this post, like read it then reread it then memorize it. The 18 second thing wasn't the career ending disaster its made out to be.
  20. He'd be more over if he crushed Sheamus in 18 seconds.
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