The never get laid bed.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Webx, Jul 27, 2012.

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  1. Let me introduce you to the never get laid bed [​IMG]
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  2. who the fuck is salad.
  3. looks like Xanth's bed.
  4. Pfft. That bed is sweet and if the ropes sturdy then that could be pretty fun. XD
  5. Ikr I wouldn't mind that bed :dawg:
  6. ...and next to my bed is my telescope, which i use to spy on my neighbors obese wife changing. Sexy.
  9. I could think of tons of ways to get laid in that bed :haha:
  10. Lmao this.
  11. I bet Kelly Kelly has experience in a bed like that.
  12. Show Spoiler

    Joey Styles: And here comes the wife, and OH MAH GAWD SHE'S GETTING NAKED!!!

    J.R: What kind of match is this? The husband seems so be naked too and on the turnbuckle! Wa-wait, she on his sausage like a government mule!

    Styles: What is this?!? Now he just broke through her like a table!!

    J.R: Watch out now, this is a slobber knocker of a match, wait now he's getting a firm grip on her!!

    Styles: Wait wait, it looks like the husband has finished first, the wife wins!!!!
  13. Implying that something sexual would be going in a WWE ring without Lawler being there :haha:
  14. Lawler would ruin it.
  15. He would ruin many great things if he got the chance to :eww:
  16. Yeah and intentionally too, that money hungry tool :annoyed:
  17. My little bro has a bed like this D:
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