The new Ascension

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Stopspot, May 9, 2013.

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  1. Here are some pics I managed to scrounge up of Conor O'Brien and his new partner in the new Ascension.


    Stoked that they went with Ric Victor. Dude is a beast in the ring and is good at playing gimmicks like this. He made his name on the independents as Apoc, Apocalypse and Bishop. Similar gimmicks to the Ascension one.
  2. :yes:

    So glad they reformed this tag-team. Fantastic news.
  3. They started teasing it for TV on the latest tapings. O'Brien is feuding with Briley Pierce and Sakamoto (Ziggler's little brother and Tensai's old whipping boy) now so I guess it will culminate in Victor re debuting and them getting a tag feud going. Smart if you ask me since we get a new face tag team as well.
  4. I like they actually made this tag team work again, I don't really liked Conor fighting in singles competitions
  5. Saw a lot in Rick in his little match with Seth. Perfect choice! Hope him and Conor work well together.

    And man he looks like a badass with that beard.
  6. He's trained in the Hart Dungeon and by Lance Storm so him being good in the ring was to be expected. I'm surprised by the amount of personality he can show. Pleasntly so. He has a bad ass look to him and he seems to mesh well with Conor, giving them a great speed/power dynamic. I also think he is solid on the stic which should help them as well.
  7. I ashley wasn't that big a fan of the other guy, and if this guy's a great worker then perfect. He's also got a brilliant look, especially for the gimmick.
  8. Looks pretty good for the gimmick he's gonna be playing. Also if he was trained by Lance Storm, then I expect his in ring to be above average since I know Storm doesn't take shit, only good wrestlers.
  9. I can't wait to see how good they do, maybe it'll be better than the old Ascension.
  10. The Ascension again :yay:
    Fantastic news:yes:
  11. yesssss they're finally using Victor again
  12. Awesome. WWE needs more evilness.
  13. Never asked you this, are you a Papa Shango mark?
  14. I thought they were going to push O'Brian as a singles guy and he was just going to have a mini feud with Sakamoto and Pierce. But Victor is a good choice and I'm happy to see such a great team back.

    Devlin huh....

    Well he does look like he'd fit in. And dude is bloody tall. I think he's taller than Conor. Still until I see it I'd have preferred Victor. Might we get a trio?
  16. Lol... and I thought Aj Style's tattoos were bad. :eww:
  17. WWE were smart to bring back The Acension. Just because one of the original members got himself arrested doesn't mean he can't be replaced, WWE were luckily able to realise that :emoji_slight_smile: I love the tag team, so legitimately intimidating, something that we don't see enough of nowadays.
  18. [​IMG]

    All pics of the new Ascension in circulation are still with Victor. And Victor apparently is involved with Conor on this week's NXT so I think the reporter was just confused or they might be testing expanding the Ascension into a stable.
  19. Yeah, I don't think they'd randomly hint at/start a new Ascension with Victor just to trade him for Judas few weeks later. I guess we're getting a stable.
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