News The New Day talk formation of the unit and Vince's thoughts on it

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Aug 15, 2015.

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  1. Kinda says it all about Vince when he thinks a black preacher gimmick would be "the best babyface thing ever".
  2. Heel New Day >>>>>> Babyface New Day

    I've said it before, when this whole New Day thing was in the works that I'd love it if they were heels.
    But, they were babyfaces at first and I'm glad that didn't really work out the way everyone else wanted...

    So, all I wanna say is... Never change, New Day. I love you.
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  3. New day was a garbage gimmick that was leading to no where.... Their face image was complete shit and was spat on because it lacked creativity and seemed very stale... But, when you force that on people and begin to act like an asshole... Well, that makes it a great heel gimmick. Stay heel new day. It's working just fine.
  4. Thank fuck that preacher shtick didn't work out. The New Day as heels are one of the most entertaining acts in the company (something they never would have been if they were babyfaces), and here's hoping that at Summerslam, they win back the Tag Team Titles that they should have lost in the first place.
  5. New Day never fails to entertain me. All three of them. Even Kofi's confused ass. I'd love to see them win the tag titles.
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  6. TND have really entertained me as of late, something they didn't do to begin with. 3 thumbs up.
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  7. The New Day never could have debuted as a heel stable and worked. It's the creative process that such an over-the-top act won't work as initially envisioned for very long without changing and evolving. I actually applaud the company's willingness to respond to the crowd and allow them to keep pushing themselves as the "wronged guys who everybody hates even though they think they're good guys".

    It had to go the way it went and I've been highly entertained by the three of them.

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    The New Day are just great, probably my favorite act on the roster right now. Besides the whole Cesaro/Owens upper mid-card situation right now anyways. And as far as their gimmick goes, I completely agree with wk on this one.

    Had they kept going with their original plan, as three guys who have been tired of their placement for the last couple of months and were going to do something about it, it wouldn't have worked out. Even as talented as the trio are, that sort of gimmick had been done time and time again. The fact that they agreed to start as preachers, because they did see the end game of being able to turn heel like they wanted sooner or later, was the smartest thing they could've done.

    It's a New Day, yes it is!
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  9. Correct.

    Aaand, I think we gotta give some credit to the Philly crowd at this year's Rumble for booing The New Day out of the building and starting that whole "New Day sucks!" thing, which had eventually led to the heel turn.

    I'm grateful The New Day is now a heel stable.
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