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  1. Hey guys, after reading the results for last night's Genesis, part 1 special, I can really see the new era TNA and Dixie are heading towards. Not only do we have a new champion to kick off 2014, but massive roster changes are taking place along with a potential new investor according to the American Wolves' segment of this week's show. So with that, I'm thinking about what will happen in 2014 and possibly beyond. Sting has his big match next week where if he loses, he leaves TNA along with several other big matches.

    I'm certain that Magnus will defeat Sting, mainly because not only can Magnus not afford to lose the title so early on in his reign - even with a guy like Sting - but he'll look very strong in doing so. Therefore, it's a strong possibility that Sting will leave TNA just like Hardy and AJ have. However, I can't see TNA really letting three of their biggest guys go at this crucial stage of the year. I'm predicting the returns of many of these guys (possibly even AJ) along with the new investor that the Wolves boasted about to challenge Dixie for ownership of the company. Chances are, we could see the new investor build his face team up to take TNA from Dixie, who has her own very strong heel team (with better booking, at least). If we were to see this happen at Lockdown:

    Sting, Hardy, Joe, Young, Abyss vs Bobby Roode, EC3, Rockstar Spud, Daniels, Kazarian

    And then there's the possibility of more matches including people included in this big storyline:

    Magnus (c) vs AJ Styles - One Last Time for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

    The American Wolves (c) vs The Bro-Mans - Tornado Tag Team match for the Tag Team titles
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  2. Will Sting be at LD if he loses to Magnus, he put his Contract signing up vs. Magnus's belt so if Magnus wins than Sting allegedly cannot re-sign.
  3. I'm sure they'll find a way around it, because Sting would be a big part of this storyline.

    That's awesome. :rollins:
  4. Sting will become a mod for WWEF once he loses.
  5. We'll see, something tells me the 54 year old is actually done with TNA this time.. Idk I've been hearing that his talks with WWE are going really well and they haven't said anything he doesn't oppose too yet. We'll most likely find out between now and WM what path he decided to choose.
  6. And what better way to lead into this change than another power struggle storyline?
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  7. Good video, great part of what TNA needs. (They probably need a massive rebranding to go with that, if that would even help)

    Now lets see them prove this really is a new era.
  8. That new era! A brand new day for TNA indeed. Things are totally different and fresh now.


    1. Heel faction.
    2. Heel faction led by an authority figure.
    3. Sting against a heel faction with led by an authority figure.
    4. Money, power and privileges against honor. [​IMG]
    5. New presentation.
    6. New approach.
    7. New philosophy.
    8. Stable wars.
    9. Power struggle.
    10. Clueless characters.

    Can't wait to see how everything plays out.
  9. Some dude on TV tropes went through EVERY single episode of TNA, from the weekly ppvs tonight and calculated that since TNA started, it has spent over 55 % of its existence under siege by a heel faction looking to take over.

    much fresh ideas
    so interesting
    very groundbreaking
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  10. It's that little?

    I can't argue against what you and Clown said, this faction has to end. Now. Dixie, I know you're pissed off about the AskDixie hashtag but taking it out on the fans is not the answer.

    After rebelliously reading TNA spoilers for the first time, it's looking like Joe should be getting a push. Maybe that's a reason to be optimistic?
  11. But Joe is terrible and boring. And really fat. And all he does is yelling and spitting.
  12. TNA is depressing.
  13. Assuming Joe can lose enough weight to be mobile again, outside of bringing someone in there's simply no better option on the roster right now. TNA needs new talent in the worst way right now.

    Plus he'll draw at least some portion of the old audience back in just because he's a TNA guy, plus it's something new.
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