The "New" Jack Swagger

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by True Warrior, Feb 6, 2013.

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  1. This past Monday you all witnessed Jack Swagger's new aggressive attitude when he dominated Santino Marella and tapped him out what are your thoughts on the "New" Jack Swagger?
  2. This is like the third thread about this lol.
    Anyway, I liked it. He was actually showing some character and intensity.
  3. and he didn't do that stupid thing where he opens his mouth and slaps his face or stomps his foot and draws a line w it
  4. Better than when he left. I like it, him being more aggressive and all. I thought they were going to tweak him up a bit more but I'm fine with it.
  5. I wouldn't actually call him new.

    He's more of a v. 1.2 than a v. 2 Swaggie
  6. Read/heard plenty of people mention he's just the same... doesn't seem like that to me. He's coming out intense and breaking everything in half, and it's really refreshing. Doubt it would work though, three years of jokes about being the guy who can't unhook the briefcase may be too much to overcome.
  7. He's probably still a charisma vacuum. Being more 'intense' (i.e making mean faces) isn't really a big change up. He still seemed the same in the ring and he probably still stutters on the mic.
  8. I like the more aggressive attitude of Swagger. But I think he needs a manger because he sucks on the mic. I would change his gimmick.
  9. He is more intense but other then that he is the same swagger we all know and hate.Sure he is a good wrestler but his matches are so damn dull.
  10. His matches are fine, he just has no charisma and sounds like a mentally challenged homosexual.
  11. Not that there's anything wrong with that..

  12. Better than old Swagger for sure. Swagger is not very talented so it is good for him to wrestle in an agressive style.
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