The new main event commentary team

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, May 30, 2013.

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  1. Any comments on the new commentary team on Main Event. For those who don't watch or missed it they have moved Cole and JBL's occassional cameos from the main event commentary team to instead use a "youth movement" commentary team as it is called by The team is The Miz (being some kind of bridge between the old and the new team), Josh Matthews and Ricardo Rodriquez.

  2. Miz and RR :yay: has not Hoss rambler put it on watch wrestling yet?
  3. Well, sounds like a good change. I'm hoping Mathews finds his niche as a commentator and I guess more screen time could help.
  4. Miz on commentary? Guess I'm not watching ME any time soon.
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  5. Miz on commentary? God WWE is gonna be crap while muted.
  6. Ricardo Rodriguez was actually quite good, but Josh Matthews and The Miz just don't seem very charismatic on commentary. Granted it was just their first show working together so perhaps it will get better. Based on my first impression I wasn't impressed. I prefer Cole and JBL at this point.
  7. 1. Matthews should be wrestling, He is quite good in the ring as seen in Tough Enough 1
    2. Miz is shit on the mic so he is shit on commentary.
  8. You hit it nail on head with your statement. The best commentary teams have chemistry between each other and have worked together for years, JBL and Cole (they did Smackdown for a good couple of years), JR and Lawler and arguably the best team of all time, Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby the brain Heenan.
    Miz works well as a commentator from my experience. He's been on Main Event since the start of the show and worked well with Cole. Once he, Josh and Ricardo get a routine going it will pick up.
  9. Clearly doesn't know a good mic worker when he sees one.

    Miz might not be a good wrestler but to claim he is a bad talker is either trolling, uninformed or hating for the sake of hating. If you can keep even steps on the mic with John Cena and the Rock then you are a good talker.
  10. JBL and AJ Lee had great chemistry on commentary during one of Ziggler's matches.
  11. There is a destinct difference between having chemistry for one segment and being able to develop long lasting chemistry for a commentary team.
    AJ doesn't have the chops to make a good commentator, neither as a color or play by play one in the long run.
  12. Aj Lee can fuck off. Miz > Aj.
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