The New "Nation of Domination"

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Just Kevin, Jul 22, 2014.

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    There was a promo following a match on last night’s Raw that will apparently be leading to a new stable in WWE. Following a loss by Kofi Kingston and Big E to the team of Curtis Axel and Ryback, the seldom used Xavier Woods appeared in the ring wearing glasses and a white suit.

    Woods did a promo where he spoke to Kingston and Big E about how you cannot get ahead by shaking hands, kissing babies or singing and dancing like a puppet. He added that you can’t move ahead by always doing what you are told. Woods told them it was their time and their place. It’s up to them to find a purpose together. He ended it by saying this: “We do not ask any longer. Now, we take.” Kingston and Big E didn’t say a word, but they nodded their head in agreement.

    The rumor is that they will be forming a stable together. Partly fueled by speculation several weeks ago that this was on the cards, some fans seems to think it will be like the Nation of Domination group of the mid to late 1990s, although there’s no confirmation that they will use that name or what their name might be. A group of black wrestlers is going to be compared to the Nation of Domination although when that group started they weren’t all black wrestlers.

    During the Wrestling Observer Radio show after Raw, it was mentioned by Dave Meltzer & Bryan Alvarez that Mark Henry is expected back in WWE soon most likely as part of this stable. Henry’s been dealing with injuries, but is ready to come back. They also mentioned that R-Truth may be added although they seemed less convinced about it.

    It would be a smart move to add Henry to it. At this point in his career he’s a 43 year old role player that isn’t going to get a main event push again. He still has credibility and would be a strong mentor for the others. Woods is probably the best talker of the group. He just needs a chance to show it.

    The group should be seen as a positive because they’re all talented wrestlers that need something to get to that next level. It seems like they would be heels just by the tone of the promo and it fits since they’re all faces now. Kingston has been a midcard babyface for over five years. Big E had momentum as IC Champ, but then he lost it. Woods didn’t do much after his debut even though he clearly has a lot of charisma and talent. Henry would serve as the right kind of mentor for them. Plus, he was even in the Nation of Domination at one point too. Since WWE has had some recent success with stables like The Shield and Wyatt Family, this could be a turning point in the careers of these guys while also strengthening WWE’s midcard.
    Skip to 2:30 to see the promo

  2. Or it can be in retaliation to TNA having Lashly, King and MVP form a stable.
  3. lol. This has been hinted at for longer than that.

    Woods tweeted abut this back when Rusev was running through the black genepool. WWE doing this to take shots at TNA is highly unlikely.
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  4. If it were to be NOD, I'll mark but if it's just another black group to hide away the fact that neither of them are going anywhere in the WWE. Then fuck it.

    Never know, lol.

    I doubt that's true but it being a possibility is still there.
  5. Why would WWE need to take shots at a company that is nothing more than a spec of dirt on their list of "competition"?
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  6. If they are going to commit to this then it should be done Nexus style.... have them interrupt a main event and just destroy everyone and everything as the show goes off the air.. it would get people talking.. and since they like recycling segments that would fit what creative does.
  7. WWE's PPV buy rate along with profit has been plunging. WWE is in a world of hurt and TNA is capitalizing by pulling off well produced and good shows. Not only that but they taped hyped shows in WWE's homestead of New York. TNA is buying up any WWE & TNA fan who doesn't have the WWE Network. TNA has leverage over WWE due to WWE launching a failing Network.
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  8. What fantasy world are you living in?

    WWE will still cut a profit by the end of this year, they as good as always cut a profit, even when their finances are in the shit like back in 2007-2009 after the Benoit snafu.

    TNAS shows aren't necessarily Well produced or good, that is a matter of opinion.
    Besides. The way TNA is doing they won't be around much longer. They just pissed off their main benefactor besides Panda energy, SpikeTV by lying about re-hiring Russo, a man Spike hates. TNA are leaking money like a paper bag holding water. WWE makes a profit, TNA calls itself "Cash flow positive", which is business speak for making more money, but also burning more money aka not making a profit.

    TNAs ppv buyrates are in the shitter, they've always been apart from one off occurrences like Joe vs Angle.
    They're TV ratings aren't good either, barely breaking a million viewers and not steady in the least. WWE's ratings might not be like the attitude era, but they are still the most watched weekly show on TV bar NFL, NBA and NHL/MLB. TNA isn't even the best drawing show on Spike anymore.

    TNA does not have leverage, because TNA cannot hold on to any forward momentum, whenever they gain any they fall flat. Going live? Bust. Going on the road? Bust. Less PPVs to increase buyrates? Bust, Hogan? Bust, Bischoff? Bust, Aces and Eights? Bust, Jeff Hardy? Did not live up to expectations.

    TNA could sign John Cena, CM Punk and Steve Austin and would still not be a danger to WWE.
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  9. I'm looking forward to this, especially if it means heel Henry and heel Truth. :yay:
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  10. you really felt the need to go in on TNA when Tsar's post was literally the first positive (non-testify)TNA post I've seen in a year? harsh, and also duh
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  11. They ought to add Titus in the mix as well.
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  12. The stable won't matter. F*** this stable.
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