The New TNA PPV Pricing Plan

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  1. Continuing on from this announcement.
  2. Good business move.
  3. Hooray for $14.95.

    Everything else sounds pretty good. I wonder if they'll do theatrical versions of any of the PPVs this year like they did BFG last year, or if they'll at least do BFG that way again this year. I loved the experience, plus it was cheaper.
  4. Awesome. I'll be buying all the PPVs. :obama:
  5. Very smart business. Get people hooked with affordability. As long as they back it up with quality, they'll start eating up some of WWEs audience.
  6. So how much is the one sunday?
  7. Sunday I believe
  8. I meant to put how much lol
  9. No worries brother :hogan:
  10. Very nice, given that the PPVs will have better quality due to superior build and I'll keep streaming them. :awyeah:
  11. Less PPVs - higher price = simple economics.

    And I love it. 10/10 move.
  12. So if that isn't clear:

    Genesis 2013- 35$
    Lockdown 2013- 35$
    Slammiversary 2013- 40$
    Bound For Glory 2013- 45$
    One Night Only Specials- 15$

    Starting in 2014

    Genesis, Lockdown, Slammiversary- 40$
    Bound For Glory- 45$
    One Night Only Specials- 15$