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    So last night during impact the new rules for the X-Division were revealed.
    For those who missed it they were.
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    Personally I am confused about the triple threat rule. What exactly does it bring to the table other than having 3 X-Division guys in the ring at the same time? I can understand the weight limit one but mandatory triple threats I need to come to terms with I guess. Seems like it will be more effort to book feuds logically and well now for the X-Division with every match being triple threat and supposedly always title matches (hello TV title?).

    What do you think of these rules? Do they make sense to you or do you feel iffy about them. If you could set any rule on the X-Division what would it be?

  2. The weight limit needs to fuck off, this isn't a cruiserweight division its a wrestling one.
  3. I ain't that keen on the weight limit either but I can understand it from a wrestling/style standpoint.

    It feels to me like these rules will make it easy to book yourself into a corner. They will need to recruit a lot more X-Division talent as to avoid it just becoming the same triple threat spot fest every week.
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  4. I suppose it could be a good thing if they went on a big recruitment drive.
  5. Wouldn't it also get pretty repetitive with the champion in every match and having to defend. Either the title becomes a hot potato or the matches becoming predictable with the champ always winning.
  6. I don't think so tbh if and this is a big if the correct performers are brought in. If you have 10 guys that's 30 combinations or so just there now bring guys who can use 3 different structure of match and you have 90 different scenarios add in all the various gimmick stipulations and it'll avoid being stale.

    The numbers are really off but if you get the right talent in who can work a variety of ways it isn't an issue
  7. Granted if they manage to build up the right roster for the X-Division they can make this work. A second thought of mine. Didn't they mention that the guy who isn't pinned automatically is in the next match? That would mean that they would have to supply one new guy for every match and every match would be for the belt the way I understand it. Since they said that the champ has to defend it in every match. What does that leave the TV title when the X-division sort off steals its schtick? How do you revamp that belt?
  8. It went from the legends title, to the global title, to the TV title. That gives me reason to believe they won't have a problem changing the name again. Some sort of US or IC type title.
  9. Tv title needs to go in the bin, it's too many titles for them all they need us WHC, X division, Tag, KOs and nothing else.
  10. This is interesting. So they decided to turn something so cool, to something so not cool?

    Why would anyone limit that belt? It meant to be a 'wrestling' belt. To be a champion in the X-Division means you know how to put on a show.
  11. How about copying the FCW 15 minute medal? That would have been better imo, every matches uses iron man rules to decide a definite winner.
  12. So, from what I understand (Sorry for the spoiler): Kenny King retained the belt by pinning Sonjay, so Zema be in the next triple threat. The next match will be Sonjay vs 2 other guys, winner gets the third spot in that triple threat?

    That makes... some sense. Shame the commentary team was too busy arguing with each other to explain this (shocker)

    Anyway, I think they're going to pay some indy stars to come on the show for one night only for the triple-threat with Sonjay. The 230-pound weight limit seems aimed at the interested indy wrestlers instead of for the fans. So the X-Division match will fluctuate between main-roster title defenses and showcasing indy talent on national TV. If that's the case, everyone who posts in this section have to be thrilled.

    Thing is, how long this last, and how long will it take until we get another match?
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  13. From what I understood the champion defends in every X-Division match.
  14. I don't really know, that's just the way I heard it...

    I wonder if TNA knows what's going on.
  15. The champion defends in every match he's in. Every X-division match will be a three way. There will be a contenders match between the pinned man form the previous championship match against two new contenders. Winner of the contenders match goes on to face the loser who was not pinned in the previous title match along with the champion. That's how I understood it.
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  16. I like the basic ideas but it seems so easy to book themselves into a corner. Especially if they are going to be bringing in independent guys who might not always be available and not sign them to contracts.
  17. It's interesting, a fine idea, but it should be like always an extreme rules match instead of always a three man match imo
  18. Extreme rules in the X division?

    Isn't the X Division supposed to be about high flying and breathtaking athleticism? Not beating each other over the head with objects.
  19. Yeah, it's like you said but an extreme rules match is like a three men match is the same than a extreme rules match but with three men
  20. But why involve Extreme Rules in the X Division? It makes no sense to me to have people who should be showcasing athleticism and the peak of human conditioning to just go about beating each other with objects instead.
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