The News That We're All Afraid of Is Now Confirmed...

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Hannah Bee, May 22, 2012.

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  1. As posted by Crayo in, Flair is doudted to be leaving TNA.

    Sick as fuck. ://
  2. Isn't this good thing? As long as flair doesn't come back wrestle in WWE. :dawg:
  3. But HE IS coming back. 99% sure.
  4. :sad:

    I liked him as Gunner's manager, that was the perfect role for him.

    But... does that mean... we won't get stupid shit like Hogan and Flair at Bound For Glory? Yes, yes, yes!
    (Dammit, we need a smiley for that)
  5. If he's so problematic, then he can fuck off as far as I'm concerned. Behave yourself to minimum at least, ffs. Too bad, though.
  6. I welcome a manager role in WWE. Anything else he can fuck off.
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  7. He's a wannabe Nick Diaz no showing all these events
  8. Flair, still living his gimmick. What a boss. :boss:
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  9. inb4 you find out he only does it cuz he's piss poor. :dawg:
  10. Cool, if he went back to the WWE as a manager or something similar it'd be nice to watch.
  11. I liked Flair in TNA, he's a comedy genius a lot of the time. Either way I'll love the crazy old blading bastard.
  12. Finally!

    Good job Flair on quitting this worthless company.
  13. Oh here we go again.
  14. Next: Hulk Hogan. :dawg:
  15. Lawlz, you really think you're coming out smart by saying all the bullshit you say about TNA? Plus how old are you anywayz?
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  16. I'm betting on 12. That's when you start thinking you are cool on the intarnetz for senselessly hating things.
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  17. I'm happy that Flair is leaving TNA. He obviously saw TNA as Bush League and thought he could get away with whatever he wants because of his name.

    I am a huge Flair fan, but he wasn't doing anything in TNA but collecting a huge paycheck.
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