The next best football player in the world - Neymar

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Apr 18, 2012.

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  1. 2-3 years time I believe he'll be the best player in world football. He's only just 19 years of age, plays in the Brazilian league, probably the best skiller in world football with Cristiano Ronaldo, he really is a mega-talent. The second goal you see is the goal that won best goal of the year this year, ahead of Rooney's spectacular effort.

    He reminds me of early Messi, and it's almost certain he'll be moving to Barcelona or Real Madrid as apparently he wants to move to Spain, it's a shame really but meh.

    Extraordinary talent though. Some of the skill shown is mesmerizing.
  2. In Football Manager he's the best player on my team, absolutely amazing.
  3. First heard of him in Football manager 2010 I think it was and he used to tear it up. I've heard he's expected to be the next big thing.
  4. He's a god in FM12 after a few seasons.

    Cavani is gonna be good an all.

    Shame they'll both end up at Real and Barca though!
  5. Yep that's when I found him as well! Was an absolutely amazing signing, so searched him up online (Yep, I am that sad) and found that he was just as highly rated in real life. I need to be a scout when I'm older :emoji_wink:
  6. Fucking football manager fags. Learn2actually play Fifa.

    It's surprising how accurate Football manager and fifa really are with their predictions. Cavani this year has been epic, one of the top scorers in Italy and played amazing in CL. Never played FM but I know that "Lucas" for Santos (Brazillian team, same as Neymar) is good also right? He's rated as a future top midfielder too in real life now.
  7. Yeah they are, Leigh Griffiths being another example :otunga:
  8. Yeah Lucas become pretty awesome in FM with the right training.

    And I do like Fifa just think it's a bit easy when I have control of my team sometimes which is why I like the unpredictability of FM as I can only do so much for my side.
  9. I prefer bringing a team up through the league in FM, in Fifa the career mode gets tedious very quickly imo. Plus the transfers are too unrealistic like this year I managed to get Beckham in league 1 on fifa.
  10. My point exactly.

    I'm currently doing the Samminarese league challenge where yoou try and take the league from lowest ranked in Europe to a higher level and decent CL football.
  11. Fifa 12 transfers are hard now, you can set difficulty. To buy a player you have to offer a realistic sum to the club, if they agree, you have to then offer the player a contract based on goal bonuses, years, wages etc.

    But tbh career mode sucks, the bots are stupidly unrealistic. With the new defending (can't close down properly) you spend half the time watching bots pass the ball as it's so hard to get it off of them.
  12. I like managing my team, setting up scouts, running my youth squad, handling transfers, ect but I can't stand playing against the CPU.
  13. Imo they should just incorporate it into Fifa. I can't stand watching teams play and not playing.
  14. Love this vid of him, watched alot of them.
    If he stays on this level he will make a beast strikers couple with Messi if he goes to Barca. Would be better for him instead of Real imo.

    I just think of this vid every time I see the guy, lol.
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    04-19-2012 Fixed.
  15. Nice fail image/vid.
  16. That's what I though when I first heard about FM, once you get going though it is emence. I reckon I've played more than a month's worth of time all my files added together.
  17. My current FM save I'm on 3 weeks and 2 days! :emoji_slight_frown:
  18. I'm only on 3 days on my current, what season you in Cloud?
  19. 2025/26

    LOL aint played it in a while as having a cooling off period as usual hit a boredom stage but I'll be back on there soon as probs gonna start a new save with a custom database of my own. Strangely I think I'm gonna customise Andorra so I have two leagues to improve as well as the San Marino league.
  20. Gays taking over my thread.
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