The Next Big Thing: Lucha Underground

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  1. Backstory

    Male Roster

    Female Roster

    Lucha Underground Champions

    Ultima Lucha Season 1 Championship Matches Recap.
  2. [​IMG]
    Lucha Underground opens to a vintage for The Punisher

    Matt Striker: Hello everybody and welcome back… This is Lucha Underground!!! I’m Matt Striker alongside the living Lucha legend Vampiro!

    Vampiro: It feels good to be back brother!

    Matt Striker: We have a huge night ahead of us! Let’s jump right into it.

    Matt Striker: Ladies and Gentlemen you see another new face here in the temple the bare-knuckle brawler, Wade Barrett.

    Barrett walks out wearing jeans, a black shirt, hands wrapped in a white material, his black hair slicked to the side, and a full beard. Barrett stops at the top of the stairs and raises one arm into the arm he then walks down the stairs and enters the ring; Barrett grabs the microphone from Melissa Santos

    Wade Barrett: The temple finally has a real fighter. My name is Wade Barrett, and I’ve been given the nickname The Punisher for various reasons… I’m out here to issue an open challenge to anybody.. Give me a fight.

    Barrett drops the mic and removes his shirt.

    Matt Striker: The highflying Darewolf… PJ BLACK!

    Black walks through the crowd high-fiving all the fans; he reaches the stairs where he raises both of his arms, Black begins walking down the stairs as the fans chant his name he chants along with them pointing his arms in the air. Black then flips into the ring and backs into the corner.

    Black runs right at Barrett and Barret stops him in his tracks with a massive knee to the gut. Black bends over holding his stomach as Barrett smashes the back of Black knocking him to his knees, Barret then knees Black in the head knocking him onto his back. Barrett raises his arm and taunts to the crowd. He then walks over to Black and crouches down. Barrett unleashes a flurry of punches both rights and lefts; Black is able to roll quickly out of the ring and to the outside. The camera zooms on Barrett’s wrapped fists which appear to be red; Black pulls himself up on the outside and seems to be bleeding from a cut on his right eye. Barrett reaches through the ropes and grabs Black by the hair pulling him into the ring, Black slides under Barrett’s legs and pops up, Barrett turns around right into a superkick from Black, Barrett staggers into the corner, Black goes across the ring into the other corner and begins to pump up the crowd Black runs at Barrett, Barrett moves out of the way at the last second and Black slams into the corner. Barrett bounces off the ropes and Blacks turns around right into the Bull Hammer. 1…2…3

    Wade Barrett wins via Bull Hammer.

    AD Break

    Vintage shows hyping the debut of Brock Lesnar.

    Rey Mysterio vs. Drago - Gift of the Gods Championship Match.

    The camera switches to the top of the stairs where the lights have gone red; there is smoke and Drago emerges from the smoke holding his wings out and sticking his tongue out he walks down the stairs slowly and enters the ring. Drago crouches and wraps his wing around his body, he then opens the wings up and stares into the crowd proceeding to stand up and look around the arena.

    Rey Mysterio makes his way to the top of the stairs, the crowd gives him massive pop and begin chanting 619. Mysterio raises the Gift of the Gods title in the air and starts walking down the stairs. Mysterio enters the ring and climbs to the top rope hold his arms out and hold the title in his right hand. Mysterio jumps off the ropes and hands his title to the referee and prepares for the start of the match by crouching in the corner.

    Final moments

    Drago and Mysterio look to be exhausted as both men are getting back to their feet Drago grabs Mysterio from behind, but Mysterio is able to counter quickly hitting falling head scissors. Drago rolls into the corner and begins pulling himself up, Mysterio runs at Drago and attempts a dropkick, Drago moves out of the way at the last second and rolls out of the ring. Drago walks around on the outside for a few seconds to regain his composure, meanwhile, in the ring, Mysterio has pulled himself back to his feet. Drago climbs up onto the apron, and Mysterio bounces off the ropes jumps onto the middle rope and hits Drago with a Triangle Close line. Mysterio jumps to the outside; Drago moves out of the way, but Mysterio lands on his feet. Mysterio turns around and gets hit with a massive superkick from Drago. The camera zooms in on Drago, he taunts the crowd and sticks his tongue out. Drago throws Mysterio back into the ring and picks him up. Mysterio begins fighting back kicking Drago in the legs and chest. Mysterio bounces off the ropes, ducks under Drago’s close line and kicks Drago into the ropes. Mysterio calls for the 619, Mysterio attempts the 619, but Drago grabs his legs while holding his legs Drago spits that green mist into Mysterio's eyes. Mysterio begins holding his eyes with his hands and Drago still holding Mysterio's legs pulls Mysterio back into the ring and rolls him up. 1..2..3. Drago grabs the title off the referee and holds it high.. Drago rolls out of the ring and walks away into the smoke, leaving Mysterio laid out in the ring.

    Winner and New Gift of the Gods Champion - Drago via Green Mist/Roll Up.

    AD Break.

    Dario Cueto is sitting at his desk in his office holding a glass with some whisky in it. He looks very stressed as he runs his hands through his hair when suddenly Jack Evans walks in walks in.

    Dario's face lights up with a joyful grin.

    Dario Cueto: Thank you for coming.... Jack.

    Jack Evans: Make it quick. I have a title match to get prepared for.

    Dario Cueto: Ah yes.. The Lucha Underground Championship… quite an opportunity?

    The room is filled with silence.

    Dario Cueto: Am I right?

    Evans walks closer to Dario, walking right up to the desk, leaning down and placing both hands on the table. With force Evans says.

    Jack Evans: An opportunity that should have come my way a long time ago.

    Dario Cueto: yes… yes. Well, I choose you because I believe in you… if any man could take Puma down.. I’m betting on you..

    Evans takes his hands off the table and stands up straight, crossing his arms and smirking.

    Jack Evans: That’s exactly right.. I’m the best wrestler in this temple, and I assure you that championship won't be with Puma for much longer.

    Dario has a sip out of his glass.

    Dario Cueto: That’s good to know.. I just wanted to make sure you knew what was at stake… You must win tonight..

    Evans begins to walk out the door… before deciding to stop and turn back.

    Jack Evans: What exactly is at stake?

    A devilish grin lights up Dario’s face.

    Dario Cueto:…. Your career…

    The room is silent for a few seconds… Evans stares an angry look at Dario.

    Dario Cueto: Now leave… I have some calls to make.

    Evans stops and looks back as if he is going to say more... Evans shakes his head and turns away, slamming the door.

    Dario picks up his phone and dials a number.

    Dario Cueto: Can I see your beast in the temple tonight?

    Paul Heyman’s voice is heard..

    Paul Heyman: My client and I will be there.

    Dario hangs up the phone and smirks as the camera goes to black.

    Main Event: Prince Puma vs. Jack Evans - Lucha Underground Championship Match.

    Jack Evans walks through the smoke of the entrance and holds his arms out. Evans proceeds to do a double handed handstand and then bounce back to his feet on his way to the ring he taunts the crowd and then jumps into the ring, he circles the ring and awaits his opponent.

    Puma emerges from the smoke at the top of the stairs he is wearing the Lucha Underground Championship around his waist as he taunts Evans from the top of the stairs by holding his arms out. Puma slowly walks down the stairs and climbs into the ring cheering along with the crowd.

    Final Moments.

    Jack Evans rolls back into the ring and is caught with a massive dropkick from Puma. Puma smiles and looks down at Evans. Puma begins picking Evans up, but Evans pushes Puma away and hits Puma with one kick to the right leg, one kick to the left leg and then a jumping back kick to the gut. Puma staggers backwards, Evans proceeds to run towards the ropes and hits a springboard backflip into a reversed elbow, knocking Puma to the mat. Evans goes for the pin 1..2.. Puma kicks out; Evans begins getting frustrated as he smashes his fist into the mat. Evans walks over to Puma and kicks him in the gut three times; Evans climbs to the top rope, he taunts the crowd and puts his hands around his waist signaling the end… Evans attempts 630 cannonball senton, but Puma rolls out of the way at the last second… both men look out of it. After a few seconds, Puma is able to get back to his feet. Puma lifts Evans up and hits a fireman’s carry kick… Puma looks to the top ropes and climbs… BROCK LESNAR. Lesnar sneaks up behind Puma and grabs him from behind. German suplex from the top rope to the outside. Puma looks to be out of it.. Lesnar picks Puma up another German suplex… Lesnar stares down the crowd with an angry and focused look on his face. Lesnar picks Puma up and hits him with the F5.. Lesnar rolls into the ring where Evans has gotten back to his feet. Evans pushes Lesnar and yells at him. Evans turns away and then quickly turns back throwing a punch at Lesnar.. Lesnar catches the punch and spins Evans around hitting him with a German suplex.. Lesnar turns around and walks towards Evans; Lesnar attempts to pick Evans up, but Evans quickly rolls out of the ring and crawls away. The show closes out with Lesnar standing in the middle of the ring staring at the camera.

    Winner - No Contest via Brock Lesnar interference.

    The camera fades in from black.. Dario Cueto is seen standing outside the temple in his clean cut suit with the key around his neck. The camera goes low and we can only see the body of a man who walks over.

    Dario Cueto: I appreciate the help from your beast tonight...

    The camera raises up to reveal Paul Heyman. Heyman lets out a bright smile.

    Paul Heyman: My client pleasured every second of it.

    Dario lets out a smirk and shakes Heyman's hand as the screen fades to black.

    *End Show*

    Still working on a few things! But would love some feedback!
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  3. Looks good, but i'd prefer if you didn't really use WWE superstars.
  4. I Agree, but i have big plans for Lesnar and Barrett. Wyatt may be dropped! don't dwell on two WWE talents added celebrate all the other great indie talent !! like the Osirian Portal!!
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  5. Barrett is realistic, but not Brock, yes that would be cool and a feud between him and Matanza would be amazing (pls do that) but if you wanted WWE signings, make them realistic ones :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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