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  1. So let's get talking here folks. Who's the next big name on the independents?

    In the last couple of years we have seen a good crop of talent pop up in the form of Adam Cole, Kyle O'Reilly, Callihan, Del Sol, Ricochet, Gargano, Swann and to a lesser extent Fox to name a few, some having already left for the stellar lands of Stamford (Callihan and Del Sol) to replace the cull of Rollins, Cesaro, Ambrose, Zayn and Low Ki (who can't seem to decide if he's in or out anymore).
    We've also had the return of Styles, Daniels, Kazarian and Fat Hero to the independents. And Papa Steen seemingly gearing up to head Stamford way.

    So who will be the guys to spearhead the next generation? This happens once every couple of years. A group of talent steps up their game or have break out performances that make them bigger names and allow them to evolve as performers.

    So do you believe will be the next big independent names?
  2. Well Cody Hall has the size and the pedigree to be the next big independent. It seems he's doing it the right way and wants to pay his dues.
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  3. Cody is a good shout out. But I think it'll take a lot of work from him to truly break out and develop his own character.
  4. Well, Drew Gulak and Biff Busick could do this. They have the skills and they have the potential to break out.

    In UK wrestling, Kris Travis is one guy who has the potential to break out in the us should he be booked and able. I could say the same about Rampage Brown and T - bone, A Tag Team that should be in the US. With ROH coming over, Hopefully these guys get noticed along with others.

    For the uk scene, Mark Andrews looks like he's breaking out...along with Jimmy Havoc (especially in progress) and Bubblegum (who is both entertaining and a good cruiserweight).
  5. Cody Hall.
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