Kayfabe The Next Chapter - Decline of Haze.

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  1. *During the start of Precision, the titantron flickers and flashes. It emits a sound that you would normally hear trying to tune into a channel on an old fashioned radio. The crowd are clearly confused, no reaction is heard. After a minute or so, the flickering continues, the crowd are clearly uninterested and begin to chat among themselves, thinking of it as a technical error. 2 minutes pass, the titantron is still disfunctional... but then the lights begin the flicker, one by one they turn off, sparks flying everywhere. Some of the crowd are beginning to think something is up.... another minute passes, and finally the titantron is showing some life, some members of the audience take their seats again, as the show is "about to begin".*

    *As if the crowd weren't already in a bad mood. 'Wild Eyes' is heard all around the arena, with boos being added in by the unhappy crowd. Another minute passes... no sign of the Undisputed Champion. Suddenly, the music stops, and the titantron shows static for a few seconds before only showing a number....*


    *The number 19 appears on the titantron in big bold green letters. Again, the crowd are confused and begin to boo. After 19 seconds exactly the arena blacks out, all lights turning off.*

    *Again, Will Neilson's theme begins to play, in the darkness, the crowd can't tell if he's come out or not. However, only a few seconds pass before the lights come back on, the titantron and music still playing and the lights clearly working again.*

    Commentator #1: Wait a minute.... is that a fan entering the ring?! Security needs to do something, these technical difficulties are really making these fans restless!

    *The hooded fan with a "replica" Undisputed Championship emerges and hops over the barricade, the empty seat labled "Seat 19". After climbing in the ring with ease, the "fan" drops his hood down. It's fucking Will Neilson. He laughs for a few seconds before snapping his fingers, the lights turn off, he snaps them again, the lights turn back on. The crowds boo's are getting louder and louder, as Neilson requests a microphone before snatching it off the timekeeper.*

    Will: Did you guys like the show I put on for you? It was amazing wasn't it?! No? Awh shucks, but who cares what you guys think anyway? The number 19... the amount of matches I've had so far in Precison, and as we enter a new era, it's important to know what your greatest Undisputed Champion has done throughout the years... everyone in the back saw me as weak, as someone who wouldn't even come close to holding the Undisputed title. It was my goal to prove all of them wrong... to show them that I am a big deal... to show them I CAN DO IT!

    *Will's face is pure anger and frustration, the crowd continue to boo as Neilson begins walking around the ring whilst speaking.*

    Will: None of you cared! No one! You saw me as "The guy who teamed up with Rhys Haze." I lost to Bill Bronson in a match for the European Championship... and you didn't care. I lost to Spike Cox in a match for the Iron Man Championship... and you didn't care. I won the freaking Undisputed Champion... and finally got revenge on that blue haired prick for taking all of the spotlight, and using my injury as a reason to hog all of the spotlight! I'm going to admit something now... I WASN'T EVEN INJURED! Those cinderblocks.... made of foam, you know.... the things used to make those floats that you use when you can't swim.... yeah, I got my head crushed under those! I wanted to see how Rhys would react to me being gone.., he didn't give a Jack Rogue's ass what happened to me. He just wanted all the spotlight to himself... I lied to him during phone calls, putting on my best "I'm sick" voice.

    *The crowd boo loudly again and start to chant "We want Rhys!"*

    Will: You people just don't learn... when I came back after my so called "Injury." Poor old Rhys got injured.... and what did you people chant when it was just me out there? Exactly, we want Rhys, we want Rhys, it's like I wasn't good enough, and without him I'd never be good enough for you. That's why I alligned with Tony and Chris, you didn't treat them with respect, you couldn't care what they did, you hated them, and treated them just like I was treated. In the locker room, people doubt my decisions, Vega, Diamond, Blake, Gates.... the lot of them. One has already been shut up, Robert Blake. Tonight, Vega and Diamond will feel pain, they will be punished, I'm not losing to a slave master and the so called "Undefeated Intercontinental Champion", what an actual joke. After these two "mega stars" are defeated at the hands of me, next week... Rhys... I will finally show you how I've been feeling these past two months... I will hurt you... and if I don't hurt you then Tony will hurt you, and if Tony doesn't hurt you then Chris will hurt you. No Holds Barred, 1 on 1, one true winner. I've layed out the challenge.... let's see if you have the balls to accept.

    *Will drops the mic and leaves the ring with the Undisputed title, he walks up the ramp, walking past the angry booing fans that see him. At the top, Neilson gives the crowd one last stare before snapping his fingers and retreating backstage, the lights go out.*


    @Most People

    I don't know about this promo, I kinda wanted the bring out the pure hatred for Will Neilson and inside Will Neilson. Feedback would be nice, as this is the first promo I've put a lot of work into.

    :emoji_slight_smile: luv ya all.

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