The Next Chyna

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  1. Does anyone think they'll ever try this experiment out again and have a woman start wrestling men regularly, like Chyna did back in the day? At the time, I didn't really mind it, but looking back, the idea of a woman beating men was kinda retarded. But it's also somewhat unique, as there's some women in this world who you might be better off not messing with, and Chyna fit this category, especially when she looked more manly before the plastic surgery.
  2. Only women I can currently see in the WWE who has the physical build for it is Kaitlyn or Tamina. They are big enough to look to be able to handle it. Beth had that look as well not to mention Kharma.

    Sadly I think we live in a too PC world where WWE would get too much backlash from doing it. Look at the latest two times a woman has competed in the rumble for example. Beth kissed Khali so she could push him over the ropes and Kharma just scared Cole over the ropes.
  3. Yeah, WWE being all PC and stuff gets in the way or intergender violence I guess. I'd be OK with it though, assuming they did it.
  4. It would be interesting, but I doubt they could do it. They don't even allow the men to hit the women in mixed tag team matches, so I doubt they'll place them in a serious match together.
  5. The days of women fighting men and vince making women get down on their hands and knees to bark like a dog are far gone.
  6. Only if it means you can have psychotic male wrestlers like Ambrose beat up women.
  7. Ambrose could fight a coat hanger and you would still mark Crayo.
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  8. Why are you so damn funny? :dawg:

    And technically, WWE gets shit already for not doing intergender matches.
  9. You mislead me. I came into this thread expecting a porno, but instead it's an actual discussion about wrestling. I'm still gonna :fap:

    I can't see any of the divas beating guys, well they had 2 that could've but they're both gone now. Plus women fighting men would also call for men to put their hands on women and that doesn't exactly fit with WWE's image. Bring back the woman beater Y2J Chris Jericho and maybe after Marc Mero can join in. While were at it lets make Kelly Kelly take on Taker at WM 29 and she can win by roll up.
  10. Just pictured it happening. :dawg:

  11. Kaitlyn handled me pretty well. :smug:
  12. I am sorry, but those days are gone. Back in the day yeah a women could fight a man, but in these days no. It is way too gone. No one will be the next Chyna.
  13. Misleading title... but honestly, I would be amazed if anyone got into pornography today in the WWE.
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